10 Best Subclasses in Xanathar’s Everything Guide


Dungeons and Dragons continues to be a hit and iconic staple of geek culture. The next honor among thieves and Legend of Vox Machina season 2 proves it. All these new stories have inspired many newbies to join the hobby. Xanathar’s Guide to EverythingNew unorthodox subclasses and monsters ensure their first time around is immediately exciting.

Despite the plethora of rulebooks in the 5th library, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything remains a staple in the game thanks to its high-quality additions to the world. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is particularly appreciated thanks to the wide variety of new subclasses. All of these subclasses remain in metabuilds to this day, both for their power, customization, and role-playing potential.


war magic


For those studying the higher mysteries to be more effective at killing their enemies, this is the perfect subclass. It’s not so much about flash as about being perfect for surviving fights. It’s for scrappy wizards who like to strike first and survive their low survivability in bully fights.

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All of their features are geared towards a good balance between effectively dealing with and avoiding damage. The initiative boost as well as the bonuses to AC and saving throws make the wizard much harder to suppress than most other wizards outside of abjuration. Power Surge gives spells that extra punch to take down those toughest enemies.



Barbarians are all about doing evil, and few subclasses are as skilled as the Zealot. Divine Fury is essentially a barbaric version of a paladin’s smite. Although weaker than Smite per hit, it is unlimited and can be used consistently in combat. It also encourages reckless abandon.

Zealots are meant to be in the fray due to their class traits like Warrior of the Gods (which makes resurrection easier). Fanatical Focus (re-rolling failed saves) and Rage Beyond Death (making the Barbarian too angry to die) make it incredibly difficult to take them down. For barbarians who brag about their combat exploits, this is the perfect subclass.

College of Glamor


Bards are already known to be charismatic musicians, so this just amplifies that to supernatural levels. Glamorous bards revel in the attention of their allies and revel in the fear of their foes. Mantle of Inspiration makes the player look so attractive that their allies become better just by being around them.

Exciting performance enables the player to perform so well that he can charm people into revering them. Mantle of Majesty is essentially a free command bonus action each round of combat. Finally, Unbreakable Majesty makes the Bard look so incredibly regal that enemies just don’t want to hurt them. Essentially, the Glamor Bards are supernatural pop stars.

circle of dreams


Beneath the veneer of reality lies the realm of dreams, and its power is far greater than the world knows. Mystical yet compassionate, the Dream Druids play a fantastic supporting role. With the Balm of the Summer Court, they can rejuvenate their allies. Hearth of Moonlight and Shadow summons a sphere that hides players inside and makes them more alert.

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Hidden Paths open hidden pathways to the conscious realm, allowing Druids to teleport great distances in the blink of an eye. Finally, Walker in Dreams allows them to shape their dreams at will and access powerful spells without costing a spell slot. It’s a far cry from the usual damage-centric builds in the high-level meta, but it’s a fun, tasty, and powerful way to play Druid.



Samurai is perfect for those who want to channel their inner shonen protagonist. Fighting Spirit makes the player more precise in their strikes while increasing their survivability. Elegant Courtier is the infamous “Talk no Jutsu” common to shonen MCs, allowing them a bonus on Charisma checks.

Tireless Spirit adds an additional use of Fighting Spirit for the player, even if exhausted. Rapid Strike is exactly what it sounds like, allowing the samurai to strike the opponent multiple times in a single turn. Finally, Strength Before Death causes the samurai to ignore death’s grip for an extra turn, spitting in the face of adversity.

Kensei Path


Combat is an art, and there are no better artists in this regard than monks who train in the Way of Kensei. For them, a sword is no different from a brush, although the “paint” in this case is often blood. With their chosen signature weapons, they are capable of parries, deadlier shots, magic enhancements, and stronger strikes.

Sharpen the Blade and Unerring Accuracy increase the Monk’s weapon damage and accuracy to truly absurd levels. For those who love the art of combat, Kensei monks ensure that combat is as efficient and effective as possible. It also happens to fix many of the monk’s previous weaknesses, especially when it comes to ranged attacks.



It often surprises many players when they realize that paladins are not limited in their oaths to “honor, justice, and redemption”. Some paladins believe in their own right to subjugate and conquer those below them. They are the paladins of conquest, and all will bow to their power. Their presence frightens cowards in battle, and their strikes strike with uncanny precision.

Those who are afraid of the Paladin find themselves frozen in fear, their minds inflicting psychic damage in the process. Whenever a Whelp dares strike them, they are scornfully reprimanded, taking damage in the process. Finally, the greatest conquerors become Avatars of Conquest, powerful beings of war. Conan the Barbarian’s Oath makes him a perfect multiclass candidate for this subclass.

horizon walker


In a fantasy world, it’s easy to forget that your plane is just a drop in the cosmic design. Horizon Walkers defend aircraft against threats from other realms of existence. They have a supernatural ability to detect magical portals near them. They gain access to powerful spells worthy of their status. Their attacks are imbued with multiversal energy, thanks to their status as planar warriors.

By free action, they can become ethereal, emphasizing their tenuous connection to the physical realm. Taken a step further, their Distant Strikes allow them to switch between planes in the blink of an eye during combat, ala Nightcrawler. Finally, their spectral defense allows them to react to attacks by weakening planar boundaries, giving them resistance. It’s an unorthodox style for Rangers, but perfectly tasty.



With the dangerousness of the thieves’ occupation, it makes sense that they develop a strange sense for the little things. Curious thieves have an ear for deception, noticing the slightest signs of lying. Their eye for detail allows them to see things that others might not have noticed.

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In battle, their wits are geared towards shrewd combat, allowing them to attack sneakily even without advantage. Think of Sherlock Holmes “baffling” his enemies. Their other characteristics further enhance their sense, allowing them to easily see weaknesses, illusions, and pitfalls. It might not be flashy, but whether it’s direct combat or mysterious murders, the inquisitive thief is a valuable asset.

Grave Estate


Priests are often seen as beacons of the gods, but most people forget that not all gods are brilliant. The Tomb Cleric worships the gods of death and accepts their important role in the natural order. When a Grave Cleric saves a life, it’s not just out of kindness. It was because it was not the time for the end of this life.

Circle of Mortality allows them to easily bring their allies back to the brink. Path to the Grave speeds up an enemy’s journey to the afterlife, making them vulnerable to all damage for a single attack. As sentinels at death’s door, they can prevent critical hits that would end a target’s life. Finally, they can steal a trace of vitality from a dead enemy and use it to extend the life of another. Though morbid, Tomb Clerics are useful in their own strange way.

divine soul


Sorcerers are renowned for their innate powers, and sometimes that power comes from the gods themselves. Wizards with a divine soul have a deep connection to the divine, and this is reflected in their ability to learn cleric spells. Favored by the gods as they are, they can change fate itself to save their own life or end another’s. As chosen ones, their lives are of great value.

The gods themselves make any healing even more powerful. Soon these wizards embrace their divine roots, gaining beautiful spectral wings in the process. Finally, they become so favored by the divine that they regain their vigor even at their lowest point. While some claim gods are fickle, divine soul wizards are proof that they play favorites.



These warlocks make their pacts with cursed weapons, many of which have ties to the Raven Queen. They don’t have any real purposes or connecting traits like the other subclasses, other than the ability to cast spells on people and make them much more vulnerable to attack. Hexblade, as such, is actually more popular as a multi-class option, as hexes, armor, and weapons are more than enough.

Still, the full Hexblade should not be overlooked. When a Hexblade slays an enemy, it can bind their soul to their service, a nightmarish way to exact revenge. Armor of Hexes ensures that Hexed have a hard time taking you down, and Master of Hexes makes it a virus, and the hex is transferred to a different enemy chosen by Hexblade. Ultimately, however, their most valuable perk is the multiclass dip for Charisma builds.

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