A Beginner’s Guide to BTS’s Bangtan Universe


K-pop sensations Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), known for their synchronized choreography, introspective messages and upbeat music, have recently conquered the music world as one of the most authentic and passionate contemporary artists. BTS’s music, at a glance, may seem like generic pop music, but it’s so much more than that.

What most people might not know is that BTS’s music tends to be divided into chapters, each with their unique message and style of music, and most importantly, their backstory. Most BTS music videos are linked, and together they create a fantastical story known as the Bangtan Universe (BU for short).

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Chronologically, BU’s content dates back to mid-2015, starting with their song’s iconic music video I need you. This fictional universe is vast and complex, and for fans of the group, it’s a fun activity to search for BU clues in all the different content BTS releases, almost like a puzzle. This attracts fans and allows them to actively participate in the band’s musical journey.

The plot revolves around seven high school students, played by the seven members of BTS, whose fates are intertwined. As each of them goes through personal adversaries and struggles to cope with whatever life throws at them, one of them has the opportunity to turn back time and fix the mistakes that led their friends down this dark path. path.

But the question is, where exactly did it all go wrong? Was it a singular moment that changed everything like the butterfly effect, or a series of unfortunate circumstances too complicated to change? Desperate to save his friends, he goes back in time again and again, trying to make things right, but is it even possible to do so? Or is it too late?

Stuck in a seemingly endless time loop, the Bangtan universe takes on various twists as the story becomes more complex and intriguing with each new chapter added.

The story’s messages are raw and honest, with topics such as growing up, mental health issues, societal pressures, trauma, love, loss and self-love taking center stage. stage. While the members of BTS often play a pivotal role in creating these storylines from their own experiences, it’s critical to note that the members themselves and the characters they play in the BU storyline are entities. distinct. New fans often confuse the Bangtan universe with the real thing, and it’s caused some pretty hilarious interactions within the fandom over the years.

As BTS’s popularity has grown, so has the content and reach of the Bangtan universe. Although it started out as a concept for some of their music videos, BU content can now be found in all kinds of BTS-related media. This includes music videos, short films, webtoons, video games, a few books and visual novels, and even some of their album notes.

With over 230 songs and 9 studio albums in BTS’s discography, not to mention numerous reality shows, live streams, and vlogs, it can take weeks or even months for new fans to catch up on it all. A famous pun in the fandom goes like this – “Once you Jimin, you can’t Jimout.” But that just means you’ll never run out of new BTS content to enjoy.


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