A college fashion guide to a night out in Cambridge


Photo by Sarah Abbas

We’ve all been there: being late for introductions, clothes strewn on the floor, desperately scouring Ticketbridge for a last-minute club ticket, not knowing where your Cam card is, and the overwhelming panic of not knowing. what to wear kicks It’s a feeling that can ruin any night, and with Fresher’s Week fast approaching, you may be more determined than ever to avoid it. Whether it’s your first or last Fresher’s Week in Cambridge this year, Varsity has you covered with an infallible guide to the freshest fashion, helping you keep your evenings stylish and stress-free. (Disclaimer: We will not be responsible for lost Cam Cards…)

First, we’ll start with freshmen. If you’re new to clubbing in Cambridge, there’s pretty much one rule you should know: anything goes. So if you’re looking to test the waters and combine style and comfort to the max, try opting for a pair of low-rise jeans – relaxed, fit or flare – and a trendy top. From effortless off-the-shoulder tops to jewel-embellished graphic tees, you can never go wrong with this versatile and timeless jumpsuit.

Photo by Kasia Truscott

But, of course, what would a fashion guide be without recommending a pair of cargos? An increasingly important staple in any college student’s wardrobe, cargo pants are the perfect transition from day to night. Dressed up with anything from an oversized tee to a tube top in neutral tones, and polished up with a slicked up bun and a pair of edgy earrings, there are a thousand and one different ways to style this must-have. cool and classy.

Photo by Kasia Truscott

If, however, you’re a Cambridge club veteran, you’re probably looking to spice things up a bit more. Let’s start with a classic Sunday Lola scenario. You’re bound to meet just about everyone you know at a Sunday Lola, which can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it. Either way, that means you’re going to want to put your best foot forward. Knee-high boots are a great option for the coming winter; paired with a funky mini skirt and a printed baby tee and you’ve nailed the art of laid-back cool. Likewise, the Queer Get Down has quickly become one of Cambridge’s most stylish club nights, if not the most stylish, making it the perfect place to experiment with your wardrobe and think big. A trusty pair of cowboy boots, a satin skirt, a vintage corset, and plenty of oversized, funky jewelry in your arsenal will have you fitting in perfectly.

Photo by Kasia Truscott

But if your ideal party involves live music, jazz, funk, and plenty of Earth, Wind & Fire remixes, you’re probably a Grandma Groove aficionado. And if you’re heading to a club night dedicated to the cheesiest music ever, then it’s only fitting that you think bright, bold and downright groovy. Jazzy patterns, shimmering textures and bright color blocks will have you dancing the night away long before you sneak to the back of the Rev’s queue.

Photo by Kasia Truscott

Either way, the most important thing to remember is that you want to find an outfit that makes you feel cool, confident, and most importantly, comfortable. There’s nothing worse than intrusive thoughts and doubts about an outfit getting the better of you – and let’s face it, lighting in club bathrooms can be pretty harsh. So keep things fresh, keep things fun. Wear your varsity jacket with pride to the club if you like. (Spoiler: most people do it anyway). Fashion finds its magic when it embodies the personality of the wearer – don’t let a little impostor syndrome keep you from having the night of your life


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