A Complete Guide to All Mercury Retrogrades in 2022


A new year has begun and, coincidentally, a new retrograde cycle of Mercury as well. All of the planet’s backward journeys will run into two signs, which complicates matters. The best way to survive Mercury retrograde is to be prepared and this is your complete guide to all Mercury retrogrades in 2022.

On average, Mercury retrogrades about three times a year. In 2021, these transits occurred only in air signs, giving these times a heady feel. Trouble might have arisen with regards to mindset, thought patterns, communication and relationships. These themes will continue throughout 2022, as all Mercury retrogrades begin in air signs, but end in earth signs.

Two signs mean that Mercury will cross the cusps, affecting two houses or life zones. The Earth brings a tangible element to these retrogrades. It will take concrete actions and results. This will put more emphasis on valuable material possessions – especially money, how we earn it, spend it, etc. Air and earth themes will overlap, creating problems and obstacles on a broad spectrum that affect multiple areas of life.

A common thread among all Mercury 2022 retrogrades is Pluto, the planet of ultimate transformation. The good news is that the aspects are generally favorable. This is also the last time retrograde Mercury will aspect Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is currently in late Capricorn and will take a big step into Aquarius next year. All three retrogrades involve Pluto, so it’s important to keep in mind that the periods will act as a course correction towards our ultimate goals and aspirations. These Mercury retrogrades present the right cosmic atmosphere to effect the necessary changes that will set us in the right direction towards all that we have hoped for and dreamed of.

Mercury retrograde in 2022 l Image by Bruno Albino

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn

January 14 – February 3

Mercury wastes no time. A new year has just begun and of course the messenger planet is the first to retrograde. This one kicks off with mayhem and mayhem as Mercury faces erratic Uranus as it parks retrograde. It is especially important to remain calm in the face of unexpected events. Uranus is known as “the great awakener” and its goal is always progression. What happens as Mercury’s first retrograde kicks off may very well be a shock to the system. However, it is better to look on the bright side.

For example, if a partner or friend double-crosses you, they weren’t on your side to begin with. Isn’t it better to be aware of this than to continue on a journey with someone who is not supportive? A significant realization regarding our relationship will occur when Mercury and the Sun meet for a cazimi in Aquarius on January 23.

With Mercury moving from Aquarius into Capricorn on January 25, this retrograde is all about how the people around us affect our life trajectory. It also affects our public image and how we present ourselves to the world. Reflecting on this theme will be an eye-opening experience. This is the time to have serious discussions (even if only with ourselves) and to analyze the situation. Cord cutting is required.

Mercury will meet Pluto for a conjunction on January 28. This meeting is an important moment of retrogradation, because it is a moment to align with the future that we want to build. The focus is on a greater commitment to aspirations and public image. The energy this transit presents is best used to formulate a strategic plan to achieve our goals.

To learn more about how the current downgrade will affect your sign, see your January 2022 horoscope.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini and Taurus

May 10 – June 3

The second Mercury retrograde of 2022 begins on May 10 in Gemini. At the beginning of it, communication will be difficult. All of the typical transportation and technology issues are very likely with Mercury in its house sign of Gemini. Mercury’s move back into Taurus on May 22 brings money and values ​​into the picture. Before that, the messenger planet sextiles Jupiter on May 19. This rather auspicious aspect brings good energy to this retrograde. Ideas will be expansive, no obstacle or course of action is too big. However, the next two weeks should be a planning stage. Impetuous actions usually don’t go well during Mercury retrograde.

Mercury meets the Sun for its cazimi on May 21, at the critical zero degree mark in Gemini. This is a prime time to examine our relationship to money and material things. Retrograde will pose a difficult question for some: do you enjoy what you spend your money on? Frivolous spenders might have a rude awakening with this one. However, the retrograde presents the right opportunity to review budgets and could inspire some to spend more thoughtfully and sustainably. Excessive attachment to money or material possessions will need to be dealt with.

A few days later, Mercury trines Pluto from May 24 to 27. In this aspect, we will be connected to our self-esteem. It can present an in-depth look at the root of self-doubt and sabotage, as well as ways to release these behaviors in a light-hearted way. A metamorphosis will take place at a fundamental level. The retrograde ends on June 3, when Mercury squares Saturn and enchants Neptune. We may need to implement a little more discipline, while giving free rein to our imagination. Seek inspiration because ideas can become a reality, it just takes hard work and courage to make it happen.

Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo

September 9 to October 2

The third retrograde of the year begins in Libra on September 9. As Mercury pulls back in partnership-focused Libra, relationships could be a sore subject or just plain confusing. We will either rethink certain relationships or the way we interact with others. Mercury opposes Jupiter on September 18, and that might seem like a big disappointment. In this aspect, we can focus on what we have lost or our disappointments, especially within our relationships. Mercury enters Virgo on September 23 as the retrograde planet crosses paths with the Sun (a cazimi) at another critical zero degree in Libra. This is when the real action begins and something important will be revealed within a partnership.

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, its other house sign, everyday life can feel heavy and overwhelming. Minor health problems may appear or work may become frantic. It’s time to rethink the way we live our daily lives and its impact on our relationships, productivity, and overall well-being. Evil influences will be exposed, and it is up to us to decide whether they stay or go. Mercury trines Pluto on September 26, putting more emphasis on the bigger picture. It will get us thinking about the changes we can implement today that will affect us for years to come. We can’t rely on anyone else to save the day.

Think of this downgrade as an opportunity for a lifestyle change, it could really help turn things around. The daily routine is one of the most important aspects of our life. Time is precious and this transit will cause us to review how we spend it and to whom we give it.

One of the last aspects that Mercury will oppose is Neptune in Pisces at the end of retrograde. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground and let go of expectations that could lead to disappointment. Those who have not taken care of their mind, body, and soul may crack during this transit. On the contrary, it serves as a reminder of how vital self-care and restoration are. Mercury goes direct on October 2 and in the future we will know how to live our best life day in and day out, with the right people, of course!

There is technically one more Mercury retrograde in 2022 on December 28 in Capricorn. But that’s the problem for 2023, where all Mercury retrogrades will occur in earth signs.

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