A Fresher’s Guide to: Pres


In college, aperitifs (aka “meadows”) can often be better than the evening. This is the perfect time to get to know your roommates. There’s no loud music, no loud crowds, and you don’t even have to travel far.

In order to create a good atmosphere for a successful meadow, you need good music. Most apartments have the designated DJ – whoever thinks they have the best musical taste. If you want more than one mix of tracks, Spotify’s collaboration feature means you avoid any song repetition. If you are looking for a starter playlist, try this on Apple Music!

Once you’ve sorted the tunes, drinking games are a must. There are the classics like “I’ve Never Seen One”, “Who’s More Likely” and “Two Truths, One Lie”. Even a good old ‘Truth or Dare’ or ‘Ring of Fire’ is a great way to get to know the darkest secrets and guilty pleasures of your new friends. There are also many fun online drinking games such as Piccolo, Drunk Pirate and Party Roulette.

Another way to make everyone feel included and save money is to share a bottle. As long as you trust your roommates not to clutter up, going shopping together and sharing a bottle of spirits guarantees that no one will be without a drink.

Want to take your booze to the next level? Creating a huge cocktail is the way to go. A large bucket or keg will do, and you can find the tone of great recipes on TikTok. Personally, I recommend a bottle of vodka mixed with sour, peach schnapps, VK or another lower alcohol percentage, lemonade, fruit juice, and lots of ice. Then you have a delicious drink that will make you much drunker than your average Squirrels pitcher.

Once you’re an experienced pre-prep, doing bar or pub pre-press is the natural next step. It can be more expensive, but it’s often worth it for the experience and variety of people around you. Meeting people or making new friends from different accommodations is easier in a Fallowfield pub. Places like Nest, Friendship Inn and Haus are more relaxed and full of students drinking before a night out.

If you’re looking for something further from Fallowfield, then Southside Tequila Joint and The Victoria in Withington have a great vibe. Closer to the clubs in central Manchester are bars like The Font and Courtyard, which are perfect if you want to experience the city without its higher prices. I recommend going somewhere with music to get you in the mood, and don’t hesitate to bring some playing cards once you’re there if you get bored of the drinking game apps.


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