A guide to repairing your marriage after the loss of a child


There can never be a “right way” to deal with the heartbreaking death of your little one. Whether it’s a toddler who died tragically or a miscarriage you’re dealing with, you need to discover healthy ways to deal with the pain. Right to blame each other for the loss of ultimately being unfaithful to their partner; there are many ways people struggle to cope with the loss of a baby. If you want to find your way back, use these tips to fix your marriage after the death of your child.

You must respect your spouse’s way of grieving

People deal with loss in different ways. While some like to let it out in tears and anguish, there are others who go into shock and shut out the rest of the word. Then there are those who toughen up and hold it together for the sake of their loved ones. However, if you judge your spouse for not crying enough or for remaining silent in the face of loss, you may feel guilty later. You need to respect how your spouse is grieving because they are probably as hurt as you are by the death.

Do not seek support outside of marriage

One of the main causes of divorce between spouses following such a loss is that one or both partners turn elsewhere for help. It can lead to emotional infidelity with another person outside of marriage or even burden you with new addictions such as alcohol and an unhealthy addiction to food. Instead, confide in your spouse.

cope with a loss

Celebrate life as short as it may have been

Whether it’s the death of a young child or even an unborn baby, the tragedy has long-term implications for the couple. Both of you must vow to immortalize the life lived, no matter how short, instead of being saddened by death. Use a ritual that will help you remember and celebrate your baby each year. This may include donating to a children’s hospital or volunteering at a children’s orphanage.

You can celebrate your little one’s life in a meaningful way to create beautiful memories!

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