A Tree Planting Guide | Residence


A rallying cry against climate change, ‘Now is the Time for Trees’ is an inspiring and informative guide that explains the important role trees can play in preserving the environment.

Author Dan Lambe, CEO of the Arbor Day Foundation, offers compelling reasons to plant more trees while offering simple, practical steps to get involved, choose the right tree, and plant successfully. For every book sold, the foundation will plant a tree in a forest in need.

From backyards to tropical rainforests, trees provide the necessities of life. Trees purify air and water, provide habitats for wildlife, connect communities and support human health.

n Trees are a proven natural and affordable way to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

n Trees filter water and slow storm surges and flooding in cities.

n Trees provide shade, cooling cities by up to 10 degrees, which can help prevent heat-related deaths.

n Neighborhood trees can reduce stress, improve children’s overall health and encourage physical activity.

n Trees support wildlife and aquatic life by providing habitats and helping to maintain healthy waterways, which keeps the ecosystem balanced and promotes biodiversity.

n Trees and other forest life work together to provide a source of clean drinking water, protect against extreme weather, provide medicine, provide outdoor recreation and enrich human culture.


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