Alaric Inc. Releases In-Depth Guide to Developing Small Business Leaders


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Manchester, New Hampshire–(Newsfile Corp. – Aug. 10, 2022) – The founders of Alaric Inc., a leadership development company, have collaborated to write From 50 to 500: Mastering the Unique Leadership Challenges of Growing Small Businesses. Alaric is a consulting firm dedicated to supporting the growing leaders of small and medium-sized businesses. Co-Founder and CEO Jonas Akerman said, “Our goal is to truly be a partner to global small business leaders. The company provides strategy assessment, development, coaching and improvement services. From 50 to 500 is a leadership book written specifically about small businesses. The book presents a new framework for understanding and categorizing the spectrum of small businesses, which Alaric calls the Rapid growth potential, and introduces an easy-to-understand, high-impact leadership model. The book also includes free access to Alaric’s self-assessment and development planning tools.

Dr Jonathan Dapra is Alaric’s Chief Innovation Officer, as well as an author, educator, speaker, and strategist specializing in small business leadership and coaching. He has two decades of experience as an executive, entrepreneur, trainer and coach, and helped found Alaric after noticing a strong need for small business leaders. He brings a diverse background to Alaric that includes his teaching experience at Plymouth State Universitywhere he teaches management at the university’s School of Business.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has collected statistics indicating that the United States has 32.5 million small businesses, defined as companies with less than 500 employees. This means that 98% of American businesses are actually small businesses. From 50 to 500 is one of the first books intentionally written to meet the needs and challenges of small business owners. Collectively, small and medium-sized businesses create 1.5 million new jobs annually, which equates to nearly 64% of all new annual jobs created in the United States. Each of these millions of small businesses has unique demands from their management teams, demands that are often very different in nature from those faced by large corporations. One hundred percent of leadership books are for only two percent of leaders,” says Dr. Dapra. “Leadership is contextual. Most leadership books aren’t much help to 98% of leaders because their frameworks are based on data from big companies.”

Dapra and his co-authors, Richard Dapra and Jonas Akerman, believe From 50 to 500 is the start of a vital conversation towards raising awareness of the needs of small businesses – needs that have previously gone unmet. “Few people, including researchers, government agencies, practitioners, and most organizations, understand the range of businesses everyone calls ‘small.’ The implications of this lack of knowledge are significant. More alarmingly, small business leadership practitioners have little information about the capabilities a small business leader needs to effectively lead these organizations,” Dapra said. He and his Alaric co-founders are on a mission to fill this important hole in the market.

As small businesses grow, they develop hierarchies and a degree of formality found in larger businesses, but on a different scale and with different needs. “They look like bigger companies, but they’re still small companies,” Dapra said. “That’s why we created Alaric.” Years of research, hands-on experience, and field studies have confirmed the need to create small business-specific assessment and development tools and programs to help leaders build their capacity to achieve better business results. in their businesses. “To suggest that the skills and abilities that drive a highly effective business leader are the same as those of the leader of a 150-employee business is like telling someone who wants to learn table tennis to take tennis lessons,” Dapra said. Alaric leverages its proprietary research and methods through technology-assisted platforms to deliver highly relevant development services that are easily accessible, scalable, and cost-effective.

Alaric is on a mission to ensure that small business owners can access assessment and development assistance typically reserved for larger companies.

From 50 to 500: Mastering the Unique Leadership Challenges of Growing Small Businesses is available for pre-order on several online platforms, including Amazon (US and worldwide), Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Porchlight, and more. and will be released online and in stores on February 1, 2023.

Alaric Inc. is a leadership development firm that provides small business consulting. Jonathan Dapra is also an educator, mentor, coach and speaker.

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