Almost New Buyer’s Guide: Jaguar F-Type


The F-Type is heavier than some of its rivals and sometimes feels it on the road, but it can still attack corners with gusto, as the steering is precise and the grip is good. However, with so much power available, it’s easy to get out of shape, especially in the wet.

The ride is certainly a sports car, but it’s not too bumpy and, as mentioned, the more powerful and higher V6 models have adaptive suspension that helps smooth out some of the bigger bumps.

The interior can accommodate two full-size adults, aided by low sport seats and a steering wheel that electrically adjusts for reach and height, providing the kind of perfect driving position you’ve come to expect.

To keep things fresh, a refresh in 2017 was followed by another in 2020 to reinvigorate styling, add new tech to the interior and tweak the engine lineup. To that end, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine became the P300 and the P450 was the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 with 444 hp. The P575 – exclusive to the F-Type R – is a version of the same V8 engine but with even more power.

must know

Around £25,000 buys you a 2014 V6. The more powerful S and entry-level 2.0 car start at £26,000. Spend £28,000-35,000 on 2018 and 2019 cars in good condition and £40,000-50,000 on 2020 models. An R is worth at least £33,000 and the SVR £55,000.

In 2017 the car was facelifted, gaining Touch Pro infotainment, R-Dynamic replaced S and the 400 Sport arrived. In 2018, it got torque vectoring, a bigger screen and a new badge. A major overhaul then took place for 2020.

Attention buyer

First infotainment: The infotainment system on early F-Types wasn’t great when it was new, and today it feels positively outdated, being slow to respond and sometimes difficult to navigate. From 2017 Jaguar’s new system has been fitted and it’s better – if still not the best.

Look for parking aids: The downside of sitting so low is that it’s not very easy to judge where the corners of the car are, so it’s worth taking the time to research an F-Type with parking sensors front and possibly a reversing camera as well.


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