An Italian Guide to American Pizza Named This RI Restaurant in the Top 50


Thursday, June 16, 2022

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PHOTO: Pasquale’s Facebook

A Rhode Island pizzeria has made it into the ‘Top 50’ for the best pizza in the United States

The Italian website “50TopPizza” considered Pasquale’s Pizzeria in Wakefield as 33rd best in the country.

“Pasquale Illiano grew up in a small town near Naples and has worked in the restaurant business since childhood. He arrived in the United States in 1995 with one idea in mind: to bring real Neapolitan pizza to the United States. He chose the smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island, heavily influenced by Italian culture,” writes 50TopPizza.


Pasquale’s pizza is authentic Neapolitan, light, because well risen, masterfully baked in the oven built by a Neapolitan master craftsman: an excellent result”, they continued. “Among the pizzas you will also find the New York style, which is just as good.

Pasquale took note of the honor this week.

“Many may disagree on the ranking…but this is an extraordinary event of pure prestige. I want to thank each of my crew. Our families, our customers,” Pasquale’s wrote. “From day one you have supported us and brought the best out of Pasquale. You are all in my heart. Long live Rhode Island and the great places in our state.”

About Rankings

Tops on “50TopPizza” was Una Pizza Napoletena in New York.

“The final ranking is the result of long and painstaking work by our 50 Top Pizza inspectors who, for an entire year, examined an enormous number of pizzerias spread across the country,” writes 50TopPizza.

“Our anonymity policy has been strictly adhered to as is the case for all of our food guides. The evaluation criteria? The most important is the quality of the dough and the raw materials used for the fillings,” they continued. “The service, wine and beverage lists, and overall customer care and attention are also taken into consideration.”

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