ANF ​​unveils a gripping guide to nurses and midwives


The Australian Federation of Nurses has unveiled its striking guide to nurses and midwives on November 16, 2022.

The work stoppage will begin at Fiona Stanley Hospital between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. this Wednesday.


ANF ​​WA CEO Mark Olson meets the press this morning and gives more details on the strike.

At least 367 nurses will leave work on Wednesday at the FSH according to the CEO.

Rockingham Hospital will also see 101 nurses leave work (53 in the morning, 48 in the afternoon) on Thursday November 17, 2022.


Another meeting in the Industrial Committee will take place tomorrow (Tuesday).

You can read the ANF strike guide for nurses and midwives below…

ANF ​​strike guide for members.
What are the workforce on the day of the strike?
Regular night shift staffing levels.

What about operating theaters and CAP staffing levels to be expected?
Category 1 cases only.


What areas are currently excluded from the strike?
USI, CCU, NICU, ED and work rooms

What about clinics and outpatient clinics?
Staffing to allow only essential appointments.

How do I register my absence?
On Folio in the first place so that the ANF has a precise assessment of the number of members in the various hospitals.


How do I notify management?
The first thing to do is to determine how many employees you need in your department/unit or sector to maintain night staffing levels. Then provide the names of those who will stay and those who will go to your manager and we recommend that you do this the day before the strike in your hospital.

Are there any consequences for those who go on strike?
You have a day off!! You cannot be sanctioned or lose your job for taking part in industrial action if you are a member of the ANF.

Will I still be paid if I go on strike?
The hospital will likely lock in your pay, but the ANF will provide a $150 strike grant to any member (who has been a member for at least six months) whose pay is locked in for striking during the continuous stoppages.


What happens if I am sick that day?
Then you notify your manager in the usual way and you will be paid sick leave for the day.

Can senior nurses/midwives be informed that they are not allowed to strike?
You can’t tell anyone not to strike. ANF ​​members are responsible and will ensure that there is an appropriate skill mix for the morning shift and the afternoon shift.

What about community nurses?
Await further instructions from ANF.

Can I be sent to another region?
Members of the ANF should not be sent in relief to another area on the day of the stoppage.


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