Austin City Limits 2022 guide: Best things to eat, drink and do


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Austin city limits, the destination music festival that spans two separate weekends in October, is fast approaching whether you’re physically and emotionally ready to worship Carly Rae Jepsen or not (you are). Tens of thousands of concertgoers will descend on Zilker Park for more than 100 performances from October 7-9 and October 14-16, and, hey, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably one of them (go you at the CRJ Friday night!).

So, you have chosen your weekend, and you have your tickets. And you have your schedule calculated with schedules and stages of all your favorite artists. But do you know what you are going to eat? Do you have a plan for what you will be doing between shows? We offer you experiences not to be missed throughout the festival.

Courtesy of Austin City Limits

If you’re not already familiar with The Mighty Cone, you can probably see the appeal of this food truck’s name, especially during a sprawling music festival. It’s a walk-friendly food that you can easily eat as you make your way through crowds. Get the avocado cone, which is made with warm and crispy crusted avocado, mango-jalapeño salad, and ancho chili aioli, all in a warm flour tortilla cone. We look forward to eating them at ACL every year.

Once you enter the festival, finding cold and quick beer is essential to your mission. Fortunately, there are bars located throughout the festival with all the basics. If you’re looking for more options, head to Craft Beer Hall, which is hosted by Karbach Brewing Co., Texas. According to the festival’s official website, you’ll find “a wide variety of beers to choose from,” as well as big-screen TVs and other ways to help you relax.

Oktoberfest is heading to ACL this year, thanks to this East Austin beer garden and the German restaurant’s timely debut on the vendor list. Koko’s, named after the restaurant’s partner and true Prince of Bavaria (no kidding!), Konstantin Prinz von Bayern, has all the dishes to help you celebrate, like giant pretzels, classic German cutlets, a long list of sausages and, of course, plenty of “haus” beer from his brewery. We haven’t seen the menu for her location at ACL yet, but how could it be anything but excellent?

It’s no secret that we love this East Austin BBQ Truck. Its Central Texas-style meats, including fatty brisket, Tex-Czech sausage, and smoked pork ribs, and its elevated sides, like lemon poppyseed salad, citrus beet salad, and cheese grits jalapeño, earned him a permanent place. on our list of the best places to eat barbecue in Austin. So the moment our inevitable barbecue craving hits at ACL, you know where we’re going. As if that weren’t enough, Micklethwait pulls out his taco truck, Taco Broncoalong the ride.

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American Express is back at ACL 2022 with cool perks and hangouts for its two cardholders and everyone at their bi-level Experience destination close to – you guessed it – the festival’s American Express stage. Everyone is welcome to visit the first floor of the building, where you can get free ice cream from Besame, make phone charms and snap photos in front of a mural by a local artist. Meanwhile, Amex Cardmembers (plus one guest!) can head upstairs to the Card Member Lounge for an exclusive bar with comfy seating and a clear view of the aforementioned stage, which will host top artists. like The Chicks, Lil Nas X, PINK, Paramore. , and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Cardholders can also partake in other activities, such as visiting the salon’s glam station, complete with face gems from Half Magic Beauty.

By the way, if you register your ACL Fast Cashless Payments wristband with your American Express card, you’ll get a $5 cashless spending credit that can be used at the festival. Shit yeah.

Leroy and Lewis, another one of our favorite Austin barbecue spots, is on ACL’s menu, in the form of its decadent loaded fries truck, Mama Fried. We can’t wait to fortify ourselves with big portions of fries topped with cheese, barbacoa and all kinds of other savory goodies from this new addition to the line.

Another exciting addition to this year’s food list is here to help with dessert or any other sudden sweet tooth cravings, and that’s a major one. The iconic Portland-based donut chain, known for its delicious and inventive flavors, deserves a spot on your festival itinerary. Just look at some of the donuts on the menu at its 6th Street location here in Austin. Maybe they will have ring of fire flavor on hand to accompany Red Hot Chili Peppers performances, if that’s your speed.

Combine the words “wine” and “lounge” and you will have our attention. This is especially the case when a little drinking day at a music festival is down. This year, BRŸT (belonging to Texas) and nomadica—both suppliers of canned wines—provide the beverages for the show.

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