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Godfall is a kind of futuristic, fantasy-style looter hack-and-slash that puts you in the shoes of Orin, a near-godlike being on a quest to stop his brother from taking that final step to true godhood. There’s a lot of looting, a lot of killing, and a lot of systems locked behind a lot of jargon and fighting.

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What is Soul Shatter? How to use Archon Fury? What is a seventh sanctuary and where are the other six? It’s all over the place, and we aim to get most, if not all, of your questions answered in this handy combat guide. It’s time to scream Macros and his cronies.

Know your defensive options

Godfall a medium shot of a Bulwark valorplate blocking an incoming attack with their shield against a Flameblood Devastator

Before you can kill anything that moves, you should probably try to stay alive. Luckily, Godfall has quite the defensive toolkit you can have fun with. If you want to stay healthy, there are more than enough systems in place to make you virtually invincible.



The easiest to nail is the single block. Blocking negates any damage you would have taken had you not blocked. It’s that simple.

Be aware, however, that blocking is not infallible. Some enemies have attacks that can completely ignore your block, and some grab you straight and run through the arena. These attacks are highlighted in red.


If you want to get fancy with your block, you can choose to parry enemies instead. Parrying is like blocking, but objectively better in just about every situation. Instead of one-shot, you stagger the attacking enemy and can follow up with your own attacks and kills.

This is especially handy when fighting opponents from a distance, as you’ll bounce any projectile back at the sender, stunning them and dealing significant damage.

What makes Godfall’s parry system so useful is how easy it is to use. The window is incredibly generous and provided you press the button when enemies are flashing to signify their attack, you will successfully parry.

To dodge

Blocking and parrying is all well and good, but you can’t use these techniques against everything. Heck, sometimes you might just face the wrong direction when a certain Chad hits you on the dome. It’s a situation you’ll find yourself in, and there’s only one way to escape it: dodge.

Dodging allows Orin to avoid all damage that would otherwise reduce your HP. Agile passage through enemy attacks is required whenever they flash red. Unlike parry, however, dodging has a tighter window of time to succeed. If you are too early or too late, you will be hit.

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Understand your stats

Godfall a menu with a series of miscellaneous weapon icons on the left and a Dragoncoil longsword on the right

There’s a huge stats screen running in the background of Godfall. You can even see it if you want a detailed explanation of everything that’s going on. When you first start, you don’t have to worry about any of that – you just need to focus on the color-coded stats that dictate everything else:

In short, Potency determines your damage, Vitality increases your Health, and Spirit reduces your cooldowns. As you level up and equip better gear, these stats will increase and you, in turn, will become more powerful. You can even upgrade your gear to push your powers to even greater heights.

How to Attack Effectively

Stats and defense are great, but if you don’t attack you won’t get very far. Godfall is fairly accessible with its combat while still having a decent number of attacks to play with.

Light attacks

These are your favorite attacks. They’re fast, they can combo together, and they deal decent damage. Depending on your weapon, you might be vulnerable to counterattacks, so you can’t just spam those attacks. On top of that, light attacks will not always stun opponents.

Heavy Attacks / Breaches

Heavy attacks are much slower than light attacks, deal more damage, stagger more easily, and can be charged to increase their effectiveness. Heavy attacks can also ‘rape’ enemies, leaving them open to devastating ‘kills’.

Breaking enemies is as easy as filling the yellow bar under their HP. Once maxed out, they are defenseless for a while and vulnerable to attacks.

weapon techniques

Each weapon type comes with two unique attacks called weapon “techniques”. These are split into two categories – North and South – and can do everything from buff your attacks to deal massive damage to status ailments. As you attack, you will fill up a gauge. Once maxed out, you can unleash these powerful attacks.

These attacks can sometimes have long windups and you are vulnerable to attacks all the time. Be sure to time your weapon skills appropriately.

Shield Throw

Your shield isn’t just for blocking. In fact, Godfall lets you throw your shield like Captain America, bouncing it off enemies, and sometimes even knocking them down. You don’t have many ranged options in Godfall, so using your most accessible is a must. It deals damage, crowd control and looks cool. However, there is a cooldown between casts, so don’t waste it.

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What is Soul Shatter?

Godfall a mid shot of a fight in a ruined temple with a pink tree on the left and a rumble all around of the fighters

In Godfall, hitting enemies with light attacks won’t exactly kill enemies effectively. Of course, they will take damage, but this damage is represented by a gray bar. You’ll need to deplete the enemy’s health and that extra bar of gray health to kill anything.

This is where Soul Shatter comes in. If you land a heavy attack, any gray health is immediately removed, regardless of how much. If an enemy were to die because of this, it explodes.

To effectively kill enemies, you then need to land Light Attacks to fill their HP with Gray Health, then finish them off with a Heavy Attack to trigger Soul Shatter. Many weapons and abilities trigger Soul Shatter, and it’s entirely possible you could cause a devastating chain reaction, killing multiple enemies at once.

Unlock new skills and abilities

Godfall a wide shot of a valorplate Typhon fighting off a Vargul Deepstalker with other enemies approaching from the left and blue flames bursting from attacks

Upgrading increases your stats and allows you to wear better gear – but that’s not all. You’ll also earn “skill points” which you can spend to unlock and upgrade, well, skills. Some of these skills are passive, like increasing your power. Others unlock new abilities to use in battle.

These abilities should not be underestimated and can greatly expand your toolbox. You can unlock new ways to cast your shield, entirely new systems, like Polarity Attacks or Sync Attacks, and you can upgrade each skill “node” multiple times to further expand your abilities.

Archon fury

Godfall, a third person view of a Silvermane valorplate approaching the boss Solaris in a brightly lit golden arena

Archon Fury is the hyper-state you can access once your Archon’s Fury meter is full. What Archon Fury does varies depending on the Valorplate you’re currently using, but they all share some key characteristics. For example, being immune to damage, dealing more damage, and being able to land Soul Shatters more easily.

If you’re in a sticky situation, then Archon’s Fury is normally the way to go. It’s your “get out of jail free” card, and keeping that meter filled for a rainy day can really turn the tide of an encounter.

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