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  • Rewards/Exchanges Faux Hollows

Many daily and weekly activities await you in Final Fantasy 14, all of which have their own unique incentives to invest your time and effort in them. The Faux Hollows, for example, is a weekly activity that players can participate in to earn exclusive mounts, minions, and even unique glam.

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Along with having exclusive mounts and minions, participating in Faux Hollows is a great way to earn the new Troll mount introduced in Endwalker patch 6.1. While there’s no meaningful payment in terms of experience like completing your Wondrous Tails journal, the rewards are still worthwhile and worthy of your time.


Unlock false hollows

Since Faux Hollows is an endgame event, there are a few prerequisites you need to consider before accessing it. First, you will need to be at least Level 80 with anyone Disciple of war or magic and have the MSQ”Shadowbringers“done. With that out of the way, you’ll also need to accept and complete the quest”Follow the Aliapohs,“This is how you unlock Khloe’s Wondrous Tails. If you need more information on how to access Wondrous Tails, follow our guide here!

Once you have completed the above, you can then head to Idyllshire and talk to Painfully Ishgardian man (X:7.0, Y:5.9) to receive the quest Level 80 “Fantastic Mr. Fake.“Speak to the False Commander to complete the quest and access the False Hollows. While you need to be at least level 80 to access Faux Hollows, you will actually need to be level 90 to participate, as this is the synced level of the current Unreal trial. Find more information about the Unreal Trial below!

Current Unreal Faux Hollows Essay

Patch Trial Difficulty Level iLevel Group size time limit Awards
6.1 New Adventure Bane of Ultima Unreal 90 560 Full 60 minutes
  • x20 Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism
  • x10 Allagan Astronomical Tomestone

The weekly Faux Hollows reset occurs every Tuesday at 1:00 (PDT)/8:00 (GMT)

How to Play False Bottoms

Each week after completing the current unreal trial, you can talk with the fake commander in Idyllshire (X: 5.7, Y: 6.1) to try your luck at False Hollow Board. The Faux Hollows board consists of 36 tiles may contain illustrations hidden below them. Your goal is to flip eleven tiles in an attempt to recreate one of the three images shown to the right side of the board.

The catch is not that you only have eleven chances to recreate an image, but that some of them may not even be present on the board to begin with. Three possible illustrations can be on the board at any time, and we’ll explain all three below!

Artwork type Spawn chance Reward
small illustration Very rare
Mean Illustration One of the two medium illustrations will always be on the board.
  • x20 fake leaves
  • x10 fake leaves

(According to the illustration on the table)

Great artwork The large illustration will still be on the board.

To tell about

Although the large illustration offers the fewest faux leaves of the lot, it will still reward you with a “narrative”. This allows you to tackle the current Unreal Trial again and try your hand at the Faux Hollow Board one more time before the weekly reset. Aiming for the large artwork is recommended as you can use your extra tile flips to potentially uncover a medium or small artwork and pocket more fake leaves.

fake leaves

Each artwork will reward you with fake leaves, which act as a kind of currency that you can exchange with the fake commander for goodies like mounts and minions. However, keep in mind that the rarest and most wanted items will cost a good bit of fake leaves, making it essential to continue this event every week. If you’re curious about what you can get with fake leaves, head over to the section below!

Rewards/Exchanges Faux Hollows

After accumulating plenty of Fake Leaves by participating in the week-long Faux Hollows event, you can redeem them for rare and even exclusive rewards. These rewards range from minions and mounts to outfits that will make your Warrior of Light look fabulous. You can find all available items and their prices in the table below!

Article Type Cost
Tamamo Headband Head x250 Fake Leaf
Spriggan Earrings Earings x350 faux leaf
Cait Sith Neck Ribbon Necklace x350 faux leaf
Paissa Ring Ring x350 faux leaf
Little panda Servant x150 faux leaf
Korpokkur Kid Servant x150 faux leaf
sand fox Servant x400 Fake Leaf
Anteater Servant x400 Fake Leaf
Clarion of Ixion To go up x400 Fake Leaf
troll horn To go up x600 Fake Leaf
Calydontis Horn To go up x600 Fake Leaf
Incentive whistle To go up x600 Fake Leaf
Building the VI-S Core To go up x600 Fake Leaf
Coeurl Beach Set for Women Chest x250 Fake Leaf
Coeurl Beach Menswear Set Chest x250 Fake Leaf
Cashmere Clothes Chest Chest x250 Fake Leaf
Spotted Clothes Chest Chest x300 faux leaf
Cracked Anthocluster (2) Cash x10 Fake Leaf
Cracked Dendrocluster (4) Cash x10 Fake Leaf
Cracked Star Cluster (6) Cash x10 Fake Leaf
Cracked Planicluster (6) Cash x10 Fake Leaf
Magic Prism (Mandrake) (20) Other x25 Fake Leaf
Magic Prism (Bomb Head) (20) Other x25 Fake Leaf
Magic Prism (Namazu) (20) Other x25 Fake Leaf
Magic Prism (Spriggan) (20) Other x25 Fake Leaf

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