Cult Of The Lamb Fishing: Types & Unlock Guide


With its undeniable charm and lovable art style, the Cult Of The Lamb is sure to be one of the best releases of 2022. The rogue-like indie game is one of the best danger runners available, and it will also set the tests your resource management skills. Activities like building, fishing and cooking make Cult Of The Lamb extremely fun to play. With a unique colony-like simulation style, you will be able to run your own occult village with plenty of grueling combat.

Also, you will be able to use tarot cards for buffs and amazing weapons that are worth it. The spooky aesthetic and unpredictable quests make Cult Of The Lamb a game worth playing. We’ve also created a Cult Of The Lamb Weapons tier list to help you get some of the best weapons in the game.

Check out our in-depth Cult Of The Lamb review to see our detailed analysis of the game’s combat system and playstyle. The fun and fast-paced dungeon platforming requires you to perform certain in-game activities. sound is amazing and the combat is very engaging.

As you are caring for an entire community, you will need to provide for it in a variety of ways. This will include tasks like preparing meals for them and even fishing for them. Our guide today will show you how to unlock fishing and how the fishing mechanic works in Cult Of The Lamb.

Lamb Worship Fishing

The fishing mini-game itself is quite simple and wouldn’t take much time and energy. However, we must first unlock it to catch fish. Additionally, we have formulated a guide on some of the best lamb cult foods; check it out while you’re at it.

Fishing in The Cult Of The Lamb

How to unlock fishing

Before you start fishing, you will need to go meet a certain NPC called the Fisherman. The NPC can be found by venturing into the grounds of dark wood. Also, you won’t have to travel to find them as they are part of your main quest.

After reaching a certain level in the main quest, you will find the Fisherman and be able to interact with him. Also check out some of the best Cult Of The Lamb followers traits to see which ones would negatively or positively affect your ritual.

interact with a fisherman to unlock fishing in Cult Of The Lamb
Find the fisherman!

As soon as you encounter the Fisherman, the location of Pilgrim’s Passage will be unlocked. You can access the Pilgrim’s Passage location by opening the world map. Also, we advise you to use the Teleporter present in your base to teleport you to the new location. Then you can talk to the fisherman again at that time, you can go fishing with him.

teleporter to go to the fishing spot in Cult Of The Lamb
The teleporter

Also, when you visit the fisherman for the second time, you can earn the Curse of Neptune Tarot Card. Now that the fishing mechanic is unlocked, you can get fish for your followers and earn their faith. We just need to walk to the left of the fisherman, where there will be a small fishing sign. You can fish here just by interacting with it.

tarot card
Obtaining the tarot card

The fishing mini-game is one of the most popular activities in the game and is also part of the main quest. We have formulated a comprehensive guide to some of the best Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards that you can check out.

How Fishing Works in the Worship of the Lamb

Stardew Valley fans will be similar to the fishing mechanic the game has to offer. Cult Of The Lamb has a similar mechanic, and it’s also quite easy to master. After passing by the fishing sign, you will need to interact with the fishing spot. This will make the power gauge pop up on your screen. The power gauge will indicate throw distance which you are aiming with.

a green bar will appear while fishing in Cult Of The Lamb
Keep an eye on the green bar.

Depending on how full your power bar is, you may cast your line too long. The key here is not to overfill the bar if the fish is nearby. Otherwise, there will be a chance of losing it. Check out Cult Of The Lamb’s Top 20 Doctrines to see which Doctrines you can introduce into your Cult.

When you throw a cast and a fish manages to bite it, it hooks automatically. The tricky part comes next. You must keep your hook inside the Green bar which will appear on the side of your screen. Also, the bar will go up and down at random intervals. In order to adjust the position of the hook, you need to press the designated fishing button on your console.

On Xbox it would be A. Wondering where to find the eyewitness in Cult of the Lamb? Look no further, because our step-by-step guide will help you find the item in no time. When you keep the hook on your target fish for a good while, you can reel the fish in and bring it back to your base.

How to improve your fishing

You need to invest the right amount of resources and time to improve your fishing, as this is an important mechanic in the Cult of the Lamb. Many players fail to improve their fishing, which affects their end game. However, there is a good way to increase your fishing luck to catch some rare fish, and it’s very easy too. Check out our in-depth guide to all unlockable endings in Cult of the Lamb.

Fishing in The Cult Of The Lamb
Get the rarest types!

The process includes performing a ritual called the Ritual of the bounty of the oceans. When you perform the ritual, you will be able to get twice the number of fish. In addition, you will also improve the chances of rare fish in your catches.

However, keep in mind that the effect will only last two days after performing the Ritual Of The Oceans Bounty. While you’re at it, why not check out how to build a farm in Cult of the Lamb?

Moreover, in order to unlock the ability, you will also need to introduce unique and new features. Doctrine in your worship. In the end, you will unlock the Third level of subsistence category and will be able to fish the rare types in no time.

All fish available

When you first go fishing in Cult Of The Lamb, you will see the shadows lurking in the water. These shadows will determine the rarity of the fish you get and its importance to your cult. You will see three types of fish shadows in the fishing pond. They can be small, medium or large. each of the shades will correspond to the type of grip you can get. We have also formulated a guide on the best fleece in Cult Of The Lamb that you should check out.

resource collection
Collect all the items you see!

The larger the shadow, the rarer the fish. Also, the small shadows will represent the common minnows. Also, medium shadows will usually result in pufferfish or salmon.

Rare fish often hide in the water as large shadows. These rare fish will mainly be Swordfish, Crab, Lobster, Squid, Octopus, and Tuna. Also check out our in-depth guide to bones in Cult of the Lamb while you’re at it.

Other activities you can do in the Pilgrim’s Passage

While fishing is the main reason you should enter the sleepy area of ​​Pilgrim’s Passage, there are a ton of other activities you should also check out while you’re there. Here are the activities you can experience in Pilgrim’s Passage. Before you read on, check out our guide on how to revive followers in Cult of the Lamb.

passage of pilgrims to go fishing at the cult of the lamb
Pilgrim’s Passage

Fix the headlight

Since you’ll be focusing a lot on devotion, it’s important that you repair the lighthouse while you’re in Pilgrim’s Passage. It would help if you rekindled the flames of the lighthouse. To do this, you need to bring 15 pieces of wood there.

Discover local suppliers

When you repaired the headlight, remember to check the new one sellers who will set up their shops in the Passage du Pèlerin. These two new vendors have plenty of decorations you can take to your Cult. Use these decorations in your base buildings and increase the faith and devotion of your followers.

Go to the docks

You need to repair the lighthouse first, as it will eventually unlock one of the biggest spots in the game. You will unlock the dock in the middle of the map and use it to your advantage. A sneaky NPC will be waiting for you there with a quest at hand. Be sure to visit him.

Collect nearby resources

Pilgrim’s Passage has abundant resources like stone outcroppings, massive trees, and berries. You can collect additional resources here if you are working on a new build in your base. We recommend checking out the whole area as you never know what you might find.

There would be a lot of objects lying around in Pilgrim’s Passage

Last words

With that we include our complete guide to fishing in the worship of the lamb and how it works. We’ve also mentioned the different fish you can get and ways to increase and improve your fishing. After reading our guide, you will hopefully be able to fish easily in the game. Feel free to drop any of your questions in the comment section below.


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