Dead Space Pre-Order Guide: Be One of the First to Return to USG Ishimura


Pre-ordering Dead Space is an even more exciting purchase to make now, given that we saw some real gameplay footage in a trailer this week (early October). It looks great and seems to perfectly balance the new additions and options that modern technology can allow for, and retain that original feel, aesthetic, environment, and creepy, creepy, gory vibes that many of us get used to. remember the game so fondly. first released in 2008.

Dead Space Remake pre-orders come in at around the “regular” next-gen price of $69.99 – which represents the sheer amount of work to remake this game, essentially from scratch – but we’ve also seen some Next-gen game pre-orders have pre-release discounts, so we’ll keep this page updated as we spot them.

Right now, placing a Dead Space pre-order is a streamlined process with just two options: the first is Best Buy which currently has the standard edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X up for pre-order. at $69.99 (opens in a new tab). Second, you can also pre-order Dead Space Remake at GameStop (opens in a new tab) if you prefer to get your games from there.

In the UK, you can already save £10 on Dead Space pre-orders! Head over to TheGameCollection where the game can be yours for £54.95 (opens in a new tab). With Game (opens in a new tab) sticking to the RRP of £64.99 its offerings like TheGameCollection which are the ones to consider right now, as well as Base (opens in a new tab) too. Amazon isn’t playing ball yet, either.

And if you’re really looking to think big, either side of the Atlantic, or wherever you are, then check out the exclusive Limited Run Game Collector’s Edition – yours for a low $274.99.

Below are all the best retailers to pre-order Dead Space, and some of the other top PS5 games further down the page.

Dead Space pre-orders in the US

Dead Space pre-orders in the UK

Dead Space Collector’s Edition

Dead Space Remake Collectors Edition Pre-Order

(Image credit: LimitedRunGames/EA)

The biggest Dead Space remake fans might want to consider that the uber Collector’s Edition is made and sold exclusively by Limited Run Games. For its steep price of $274.99, you get:

  • A physical copy of the game on your platform and a steel case
  • A Dead Space Collector’s Box
  • A life-size replica of Isaac’s helmet – wearable and with working lights
  • A Dead Space Soundtrack CD
  • A lithograph
  • A sheet-stamped lithographic folio
  • 4 miniature posters
  • An Ishimura enamel pin p and marker
  • 4 inch metal marker statue

This is also the same website for US and UK buyers, so the links below will work wherever you are.

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