Destiny 2 guide: Is the Solstice 2022 upgrade worth it?


Destiny 2it is The Solstice 2022 event is here, and with it comes a substantial overhaul to the event system.

The new event map is the biggest addition; this is how players can interact with the event’s many challenges. Players can also pay to upgrade their event card to unlock additional cosmetic items. Some of these cosmetics are rewarded immediately, while others require special event tickets, which Guardians can earn over time.

In this Fate 2 guide, we’ll go over what you get with the upgraded event card and whether it’s worth it or not.

What is the Enhanced Event Card?

The Enhanced Event Map is an optional upgrade to the Solstice 2022 map that unlocks eight cosmetic items. The upgrade costs 1000 Silver, or about $10. You’ll unlock three of the items immediately after purchasing the map, but the other five must be unlocked using Event Tickets.

Image: Bungie via Polygon

You get an event ticket for each event challenge you complete. This is true for all players whether they upgrade the event card or not, but players must upgrade the event card to use these tickets. To unlock all cosmetic items, you will need a total of 24 Event Tickets, valid for the entire account. This means that you can complete the challenges on multiple characters, but you must complete each of the 24 unique challenges at least once to get all of the event tickets.

What rewards do you get?

When you purchase the Improved Event Card, you immediately get:

The rest of the cosmetic items must be acquired using event tickets:

Is it worth it?

Since the Enhanced Event Pass only comes with cosmetic items, it has no in-game value. Therefore, the decision to purchase an Event Pass upgrade should be entirely based on what you think cosmetics. If you need that Hot Dog Eating Champ emote (and we won’t blame you if you do), then $10 is a pretty good deal for that and the other rewards. But if you just want to speed up Solstice and shine armor, feel free to pass.


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