Destiny 2 Gyrfalcon Hauberk Guide: How to Get Plunder Hunter Season Exotic Armor


Since the release of Void 3.0 in Destiny 2, invisibility has become a Major part of any hunter’s abilities. Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk, the new Hunter Exotic chest armor released with Season of Plunder, takes advantage of the nearly infinite invisibility possible with Void 3.0 to provide a number of additional benefits to you and your teammates. Here’s how you can earn the Hauberk of Gyrfalcon and how to best use it with your invisibility builds.

Advantages of the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk gives invisible hunters and teammates some cool buffs.

There’s a lot to analyze for the Hauberk of Gyrfalcon, but it has everything to do with what you do while invisible and when you come out of invisible. The See Me, Feel Me perk provides many benefits based on your actions while invisible. Most of the time, you’ll activate bonus damage for weapons by using them after “coming out of invisibility” – meaning when the invisibility effect wears off, you get a momentary boost to your weapons. Firing weapons breaks invisibility, meaning you can get this boost whenever you start firing while invisible.

Weapon boosts are cool, but you’ll want to pay more attention to the perk’s second buff, which is activated by killing enemies with finishers while they’re invisible. Finish an enemy while they can’t see you, and you’ll get a boost to your class ability regeneration, as will all nearby allies. You and nearby allies also gain a “reserve overshield”, which is a new concept. Usually, when an ability or Exotic activates an overshield, it’s just an extra shield over your regular shield, effectively giving you a small amount of extra hit points. Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk gives you a reserve overshield that does not automatically added to your existing shield. Instead, you activate it with your class ability, meaning you can wait and deploy this shield whenever you want, and the same goes for your teammates.

Hunters can activate invisibility in a number of ways with Void 3.0 depending on their builds, including using their class ability, throwing smoke grenades, or scoring stylish executioner kills by taking down volatile enemies and using finishers or motorized capabilities. Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk probably works best with builds that focus on invisibility activated with your class ability, as it provides enhanced class regeneration, but any invisibility build can use its benefits.

Look at me, feel me

  • Weapons gain bonus damage briefly after you come out of invisibility
  • Defeating an enemy with a finishing move while invisible grants you and nearby allies a reserve overshield and enhanced class ability regeneration
    • Reserve overshields are deployed using your class ability

Where to find the Gyrfalcon Hauberk

Like other seasonal Exotics, the Hauberk of Gyrfalcon is not available from any random Exotic engram drop. Instead, you’ll need to research Chest Armor by earning it through Legendary Sector or Lost Master solo wipes. Once you’ve added the Exotic to your Collections tab, you’ll find it in Engram drops, but the only way to unlock it is in Lost Sectors.

Legendary and Master Lost Sectors are special versions of Lost Sector activities that are significantly more difficult than normal races. Only one Lost Sector in the game is Legendary each day and is marked with a special icon on the Director screen. Legendary Lost Sectors have an increased chance of dropping Exotics upon completion, which is why you want to complete them – this chance is even higher on Master Lost Sectors. Although Legendary Lost Sectors say that an Exotic drop is a “rare” event, it’s rare to run one more than, say, 10 times without falling, and even on these harder difficulties you can do them in a few minutes.

The Legendary Lost Sector icon indicates what rewards you can receive upon completion, which rotate daily – one day will award Exotic Helmets, for example, while the next will award Exotic Chest Armor. Be sure to check the icon before boarding to make sure you’re getting the rewards you want. It’s also worth noting that while you’re not guaranteed to get an Exotic drop every run, you’re also not guaranteed to get exactly the drop you want. Exotic drops in Destiny 2 aim to award you Exotics you don’t have, but if you’re missing more than one Exotic chest piece from your collection when clearing a Legendary Lost Sector, there’s a chance that you got something other than Gyrfalcon Hauberk.

How to Complete a Legendary Lost Sector

Legendary Lost Sectors look tough, but they’re not necessarily too bad, as long as you’re prepared. These Lost Sectors differ from their normal counterparts in several ways: first, they usually have high power levels, meaning enemies are harder to kill and hit harder if your level is below the recommended mark; second, they include multiple enemy champions, and you’ll earn the best rewards if you kill them all; and third, they have a host of modifiers, like Arc Monkey or Blackout, that can make them harder to complete. Instead of just dropping into a Lost Sector as usual, Legendary and Master Lost Sectors are activated by interacting with a banner you find outside their entrances.

Legendary and Master Lost Sectors also limit your number of revives and come with a completion timer. You will only have a few revive tokens when playing in the Lost Sector, and each time you die you will use one. When you run out of tokens, you will be kicked out of the Lost Sector and forced to start over. However, killing champions earns you extra tokens. When the Lost Sector completion timer runs out, you won’t be able to revive again – like running out of tokens – so it’s important to finish quickly, but being a little slow won’t necessarily kill your Course.

The Legendary Lost Sector info screen.
The Legendary Lost Sector info screen.

Finishing Legendary and Master Lost Sectors can be difficult, but if you prepare, it’s very possible – and in fact, once you know the ins and outs of a particular sector, you’ll be able to race in some some of the easiest in just a few minutes, allowing you to grow them quickly. First, you need to make sure Champion mods are noted on the Lost Sector icon, which you can get from the Seasonal Artifact. A number of Exotics, such as Arbalest, Divinity, and Wish-Ender, also come with Intrinsic Champion mods, so even if you’re not far off your Season Pass, you can find the right tool for the job.

Legendary icons in the Lost Sector will also tell you which enemy shields you’ll be dealing with, and it can be difficult to destroy enemies with the wrong type of elemental weapon. But overall, weapons like Arblest, which can pierce any shield, or which carry the Adaptive Ammo perk and can adapt to any shield you’re facing, can get you through. .

The trick with any Legendary Lost Sector is to go slowly and carefully to learn the best places to use cover, where enemies spawn, and which ones to prioritize as you go. Don’t be afraid to do a few errands to get an idea of ​​how much space and loadout you need to use – in some Lost Sectors long-range cannons make encounters trivial, while in others you’ll need rocket or grenade launcher to quickly eliminate densely populated enemies. You’ll probably want to farm a Legendary Lost Sector multiple times in a row in order to get the Exotics you want with the rolls you like, so take the time to familiarize yourself with one before committing. Threats will always be in the same spot in a given Lost Sector, so once you know what to expect you should be able to shorten the time it takes you to complete one until you can execute it from reliably again and again.

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