Diablo Immortal: Ancient Nightmare Event Guide


Do you want to know the main mechanisms of Ancient Nightmare Event in Diablo Immortal? The event runs every 2 hours from 8:00 a.m. to midnight server time and can be played with friends. This is the first event in the whole game. During the Ancient Nightmare event, there are 2 related activities on this map: the Nightmare itself, which must be destroyed, and the local boss – Lord Martanos. An Ancient Nightmare patrols the Misty Valley region in the center of the Mount Zavain area. Want to know more about this event? So keep reading our Diablo Immortal guide!

Diablo Immortal: Ancient Nightmare Guide & Cheats

Altars in the Ancient Nightmare event must be activated correctly. Activate Altars when the Ancient Nightmare is within range of its light for a stun. This gives each player more time to damage the shield. You don’t need to use a cooldown against the shield because higher damage won’t damage it faster. Use Zakarum Seals, if you have any, for the second Altar activation, and allow players without Seals to complete the first activation for free. If you choose to time it early, you’ll miss the chance to stun the boss. Most likely, other players will hate you for this mistake.

Activating each altar costs 1 mark of Zakarum. The Nightmare Shield can be seen on the left side of the screen in the quests section.

The ranges of the altars are indicated, as usual, by yellow circles on the ground, and the distance to the next altar and the direction towards it are indicated with a special marker.

Diablo Immortal: Old nightmarish boss

The Ancient Nightmare boss is a demon, as indicated by the corresponding icon to the right of its health bar. Its title may vary; for example, it can be “Peeker” and “Hatred’s Fall”. The boss has two health bars and is easy to kill in groups. You only need to damage it once to get the final reward.

By the way, after killing this boss for the first time in the event, you will get a red ship for the Horadrim Shrine – Nilfur’s Precision, which can be inserted into the altar and strengthen your character. If you have this first ship, you will start the Legacy of the Horadtim quest and unlock the altar to improve your stats.

The Ancient Nightmare event on Mount Zawain is worth planning your schedule. Try to catch multiple events with different difficulty levels.

The Diablo Immortal the game is now in open beta for mobile via androidiOS and PC through Battle.net.


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