East End Wedding Guide: Sperry Tents Hamptons


Sperry Tents Hamptons can create a dream tent wedding

The common question of indoor or outdoor wedding often overlooks a third optimal option: a tent wedding. Steve Clarke of Sperry Tents Hamptons discusses the benefits of throwing in some shade on your special day.

What are some signs that a couple’s wedding/reception vision might work better as a tentpole affair?

If possible, the family home is often a preferred option. So many important life events have happened over the years in the family home that having a wedding there becomes an obvious choice to celebrate this important day. If the homestead isn’t large enough to accommodate the event, another nearby location is a great option. Sperry tents often help families find the best spot for their needs.

What are the benefits of adding a tent to a planned outdoor wedding?

It’s very obvious. At a minimum, tents should be reserved for inclement weather to ensure everyone stays dry during the ceremony, cocktails and reception. With no tents or indoor options on site, it will be a very uncomfortable night for everyone involved. Most events feature a main tent for dinner and dancing, and cocktail and ceremony coverage takes place in the “rain reserve.”

What options are available when looking to customize a tent case?

At Sperry Tents we focus on providing beautiful sailcloth tent awnings, flooring, band stage and service tents for caterers and other vendors. We also offer options for stylish lighting sets. Our primary role is to create the environment for the caterer, florist or event designer to work their magic. For more than 15 years, we have worked closely with the best professionals in the industry to produce breathtaking events!

To find out more, visit sperrytentshamptons.com.

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