Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Starscourge Radahn

Elden Ring has many tough bosses, but Radahn is definitely one of the worst. That’s why we are going to show you the best way to defeat him.
Malenia and Radahn, two of the toughest whores in the game. | © From the software

Elden Ring has some of the coolest, as well as the toughest bosses in the recent history of video games. Players new to the Souls genre will be tearing their hair out here, but some of the bosses can be nerve-wracking even for seasoned Souls fans. One of these bosses is Radahn, who was recently upgraded after an accidental nerf, and he’ll smack you like you’re just a little fly to him.

To make sure you don’t throw your controller out the window in a rage, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the Radahn boss fight in this guide. How do you start the fight, what are Radahn’s strengths and weaknesses, and how can you defeat him?

If you want to start with an easier boss, check out the fight against Rennala, Radahn’s mother:

Where is Radahn in Elden Ring?

Radahn is located in Redmane Castle south of Caelid. However, to start the boss fight, you must first start the Radahn Festival.

To do this, you must follow Ranni’s quest and activate the Great Dectus Elevator. After that, you can head to Redmane Castle. We have already detailed Ranni’s quest here. Fight your way through the castle until you come to a large square, where several NPCs are already waiting for you. Some of them you’ve probably come across before.

Talk to Witch Hunter Jerren, who is standing on a platform above the square, and start the festival. You can now walk through the door behind Jerren and take the elevator down to the water. Interact with the teleporter and you will be transported to a large open area where the boss fight will take place.

Elden Ring Redmane Castle
Redmane Castle is located at the red circle. The boss fight takes place at the spire. | © From the software

What are Radahn’s strengths and weaknesses?

Radahn is immune to Death and Madness status effects and has high sleep resistance. For normal damage types, it will absorb Holy damage, but is particularly vulnerable to piercing physical damage. So go for physical damage and rot primarily, as it has relatively low resistance to them. Here we have listed all resistances and absorption rates for you:

Type of damage Absorption
Physical ten
Physics (Slash) ten
Physical (strike) ten
Physics (drill) 0
Magic 20
Fire 20
Flash 20
Holy 40
Status Effect Resistance
Poison 335
Scarlet rot 243
bled 335
Frostbite 335
Sleep 548
Madness Immune
The death Immune

Absorb indicates the percentage of damage Radahn will absorb, resistance number indicates how much buildup you need to inflict on him to trigger the effect. So, as we said, you need to focus on rot and physical damage from drilling.

Before starting the fight, however, you should make sure that you also have enough healing potions with you and that they have been sufficiently strengthened by tears.

How to Beat Radahn: Phase 1

Radahn Phase 1
Dodge the arrows. Torrent is a great help here. | © From the software

The most important piece of advice for Radahn: yousee NPC Summoning and Torrent! As soon as you teleport into the arena, Radahn shoots you from a distance with his bow. Dodge the shots and activate any golden signs you see on your way to Radahn. A total of 8 NPCs can be summoned, which (almost) all of them will help you in battle.

  • Blaidd, the half-wolf
  • Finger Maiden Therolina
  • Great-horned Tragoth
  • The Witch Hunter Jerren
  • iron fist alexander
  • Lionel the Lionheart
  • Okina bloody finger
  • Fixes

Patches is the only NPC who will immediately leave when he sees Radahn, all others will support you in battle. If they die, their summon sign will reappear in the arena after a short time and you can summon them again.

If you’re a ranged fighter, let NPCs pull aggro and attack Radahn from a safe distance. But if you’re a melee fighter, you’re pretty fucked up and you have to be prepared for a lot of bad vibes… Radahn hits AF hard, one of his combos can take you out in an instant.

Our advice is to use Torrent and keep landing unique hits as you roll. Don’t get too greedy and don’t forget to summon NPCs again and again. Keep doing this until Radahn has lost about half of his health and begins the second phase.

Tips for phase 1:

  1. Radahn is particularly vulnerable to the Rotten Breath dragon’s incantation. We therefore also recommend a Faith version to face Radahn more easily.
  2. Do not call a summon for help, but use the NPCs instead. First, you’ll have several assists in the fight that can take a good beating, and second, you’ll still be able to use Torrent.

How to Beat Radahn: Phase 2

Radahn Phase 2
You better dodge those meteors… | © From the software

Radahn will briefly disappear and return to the battlefield as a burning meteorite. So look up and dodge the meteorite – if it hits you, you’re usually instantly dead.

The only new but nasty attack are the meteors seen in the image above. Radahn summons several boulders, which he then throws at you one after the other. Either dodge them deftly with a roll, or mount Torrent in a circle around him, so he can’t hit you.

Always keep NPCs alive or summon them again. Keep placing unique targeted hits between his attacks, and Radahn’s HP will deplete sooner or later. Patience is key here and apart from the meteors there is nothing new to consider compared to phase 1.

Advice for phase 2:

  1. With a good setup and a bit of luck, you can skip phase two entirely. Be sure to walk to the edge of the arena at the water’s edge just before Radahn disappears after the first phase. Then, run as close to the edge as you can before falling into deep water. Now when Radahn crashes into the battlefield as a comet, dodge back at the last moment and Radahn will fall into the water and die.

What do you gain by defeating Radahn?

As a reward for defeating Radahn, you get 75,000 runes, the Great Rune of Radahn, and the Souvenir of the Starscourge. You can activate the rune at Caelid’s Divine Tower, and it will increase your HP, FP, and Stamina. The Starscourge Souvenir can be exchanged for Radahn’s Sword or Bow in the Round Table.

That’s all you need to know about Starscourge Radahn. If you’re still having issues with the boss, you should consider changing your weapons. Discover our guides on the Moon Veil Katana and the rivers of blood here.


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