Expert Guide to Knowing Your Self-Worth and Not Shaming Yourself


Author, Devina Kaur, radio host, inspirational speaker and founder, Sexy Brilliant, a non-profit foundation.

Insecurity often surrounds us when we go out in public. Some of us feel eyes all over us and in the worst case, some derogatory remarks, too, reach our ears. In a situation like this, we forget that everyone has their own sense of consciousness and worldview and that their perception of us says more about them than about us.

Although the worst happens when we let these remarks sink in. Soon the mean comments also start to affect our way of life. We start to notice what we are missing and to put ourselves down. With all the pity, some signs like eating disorders and depression can become visible. Other signs may not be so obvious but still affect your mind, such as reluctance to click pictures or refusing to go to parties because you’re afraid of what people will think. .

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To protect ourselves, we must choose ourselves every day for the rest of our lives. lives. Regardless of what others might perceive of us, we need to make ourselves comfortable with our body, our skin and our personality.

1. Know your worth

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We all have unique sizes, shapes, thoughts and ideas. Think about what makes you unique? What do you bring to the table that others can’t? Sometimes it is a journey to understand the potential of which we are all capable. Until I overcame an addiction – with professional help – I didn’t even know I was addicted. Likewise, self-knowledge is not always about appreciating your external attributes. like your body or your skin, but it is also important to integrate the appreciation for what is inside of you. It means knowing and have a relationship with ALL parts of yourself, even the parts you don’t like. Understand your value in the world and embrace your true self. think of all the great things only you can do and be proud of it.

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2. Welcome self-awareness

Before establishing your value in the world, you must become aware of yourself, which means knowing who you are, what drives your emotions and what you want to accomplish in your life. Research suggests that when we practice self-awareness, we become more confident in ourselves and our abilities.

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Trust allows us to have stronger relationships with others, to become effective leaders in our businesses and careers, and being able to make decisions about all areas of our lives. Being aware of yourself allows you to take care of yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. Looking at after you physically allows you to accept and love your body. If you want be your best self, put yourself first by practicing self-awareness in your daily activities. Maybe you realized that you needed to improve in the way you communicate or build relationships with other people in the workplace – perhaps you could host “get- together” with your colleagues every month. Maybe you want to be nicer to yourself – maybe do things that will boost your confidence. All of this is practicing self-awareness that makes you the best version of yourself.

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3. Walk towards self-acceptance

I have personally been ashamed of my body for most of my life and have come to conclusion that this is part of the authenticity. In my journey of self-acceptance, I had to learn and understand that most people have very low self-esteem issues. If we don’t love or accept ourselves, how can we love and accept others in to return to? The goal is to have a loving relationship with oneself, which means accept your body as it is. Constantly work on your body image and send love and light to those who choose to discourage you. The more you develop a relationship with yourself, the more your inner confidence will grow. I started clicking pictures of me every day, reminding myself that I’m hot and shiny and no one can convince me otherwise.

4. Show yourself a little gratitude

The journey to self-love isn’t always easy, but you can practice simple ways to develop a relationship with your body, look in the mirror and repeat the “always sexy, always shiny” mantra. No matter what size you are or what your double chin makes you uncomfortable. Choose to stand in front mirror and thank yourself for what you have and don’t despise yourself for what you miss. Constant gratitude is the only step forward.

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5. Kundalini Shakthi

Have fun discovering yourself. The term “Kundalini Shakti” refers to spirituality the energy that is coiled at the base of the spine. We all have it within us. It can also be liberated through various physical activities such as yoga, dance, martial arts, and any form of liberation encourages us to increase our inner energy.

Yoga for self-confidence
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I study both martial arts and yoga as it has a great effect on channeling our self-awareness through various creative endeavours. The journey to find his body confidence and loving yourself and your body requires self-awareness so that we can decide to mold ourselves as individuals with great potential to be broadcast in the world and those around us.

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Wherever you are on your body confidence journey, never take your the brave aspects of yourself are self-evident, that’s what makes you beautiful. Don’t shame others for being authentic themselves. As the days pass, you see changes in yourself – you will find yourself smiling when you look in the mirror, you will be more confident in your choice of clothes and the food you eat. Still remember that if you want to regain your trust, know, appreciate and love yourself and know that there is no one like you!

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