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Static Views is a new world quest added in Genshin Impact update 3.0 that brought with it the mystical land of Sumeru, filled with new characters to meet, quests to complete, and gear to acquire. We have a guide on how to complete the Static Views quest and get to the location shown in the Static Views painting below!

After completing the Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 world questline and Dream Nursery: Aranyaka Part 2’s first quest, The World of the Aranara, players will be able to explore a new “hidden” area in northern Sumeru. It is the elusive home of the Aranara, known as Vanarana. Here, players may encounter a mailbox with a painting inside, possibly leading to buried treasure (Paimon at least hopes so!). The only obstacle is that there is no quest marker to guide the player, so getting to the place indicated on the board can cause problems. Luckily, here’s a guide to the Static Views quest, including how to start it and how to complete the quest, as well as the rewards and consequences of this world quest.

How to start the Static Views world quest in Genshin Impact

To begin the Static Views world quest, players must gain access to Vanarana, the homeland of the Aranara, by completing the Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 world questline and Dream Nursery: Aranyaka Part 2’s first quest, The World of the Aranara. Without access to Vanarana, the Static Views World quest will be completely inaccessible, so come back after you’ve done it!

Another reason why The World of Aranara quest must be completed before accessing this quest is due to Vanarana’s dual nature. Without giving too much away, there are two versions of Vanarana, a dream state for the Aranara that humans cannot normally access, and the “true” version that humans can see. To complete the static sights, players must be able to switch between them using the Vintage Lyre obtained from the Dream Nursery: Aranyaka Part 2, The World of the Aranara quest.

Static Views quest start location on the Genshin Impact map

However, if you have access to Vanarana, head to the southern entrance of the area to find the area marked on the map above. What you’ll see is a small Aranara hut with a wooden mailbox outside. It should have a blue World Quest icon above it to signify that interacting with it will start a World Quest. Interact with the mailbox to acquire a painting of a location and start the short but puzzle-focused quest Static Views.

If the World Quest icon isn’t there (because you’re in the “real” version of Vanarana), head to the Silapna statue in the center of the village and play the Big Dream beat. The Silapna is the small round rock with a swirl of green light in its center and large leaves on top. You would have interacted with the Silapna during the Dream Nursery: Aranyaka Part 2, The World of the Aranara quest.

Silapna Statue in Vanarana Required for Static Views Quest

To play the Rhythm of the Great Dream, use the Vintage Lyre gadget to play the “fa-mi-so-fa-do” notes on the top row of the interface. This will switch between the dream state and the “true” Vanarana. As this quest shows, each state grants access to different quests, so switching between them is an important feature of the region. The easiest way to tell what state you are in is to look at the lighting – the dream version has a purple tint while the normal state has more natural lighting.

How to get to the location shown in the painting of static views

Once you’ve interacted with the mailbox outside Aranara’s house and started the Static Views world quest, you’ll receive a painting of a location and the vague objective to “Proceed to the indicated location in the painting”. There is no quest marker or search area for this quest step.

To see this table, go to your inventory and check the quest items page. On this page, you should find a purple quality “gadget” (it’s a book) called Aranyaka. This journal is used to track various activities in Vanarana. Use this item and scroll down to the last category to find the Mysterious Clipboard where the painting can be viewed.

The painting given to you by Static Views World Quest depicts a statue of the Seven hidden in a rock crevice with a buried treasure chest on the right side near a rock. Luckily, it’s actually the Statue of the Seven located in Vanarana, a short walk from the quest’s starting point!

Statue of the Seven in Vanarana you need to find a dig point for static sights

From the mailbox where you accepted the quest, head northeast following the dirt road up the hill. Shortly, you will encounter the Great Aranara Hut where you spoke to Arama and Araji of the Bija during the Dream Nursery: Aranyaka Part 2, The World of the Aranara pre-quest. The Statue of the Seven is located on the right side of the path, just before heading to the cave with said Aranara hut.

Looking at the Statue of the Seven, the buried treasure should be located in front of the large rock to the right of the Statue. Walk up to this rock to receive the prompt to “dig”. This will dig up a common chest and complete the Static Views world quest.

If you head into this quest and don’t get the “dig” prompt, return to the Silapna in central Vanarana to play Rhythm of the Great Dream again. You will need to be in the “real” version of Vanarana Village, not the purple “dream” state.

Genshin Impact Journal image after completing static views

What are the rewards for the Static Views quest in Genshin Impact?

Strangely, the Static Views World Quest itself offers no rewards – no Primogems, no Adventure EXP, not even Mora! However, that doesn’t mean it’s not an interesting quest to complete.

First, the Buried Treasure is a chest containing various common loot such as a small amount of Primogems and Mora, alongside the new Dendro Sigils and other common gear. It’s not much, but it’s something! More importantly, however, completing the Static Views World quest unlocks more of these Mysterious Paint Treasure Hunts, making a total of 8 Paints in the Mysterious Clipboard section. Completing them will advance the Aranyaka Journal, tracking your progress through the contents of that area.

That’s it for our Genshin Impact Static Views quest guide! Check out more Genshin guides below:


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