Georgetown Behavioral Hospital has released a new guide on addiction and choosing to seek treatment


GEORGETOWN, OHIO, USA, Oct. 19, 2022 / —
Georgetown Behavioral Hospital has just released new information about addictive behaviors and understanding when it’s time to seek treatment. And while addiction can happen because of someone’s personal choices, quitting any addictive substance or behavior can be a huge battle.

Depending on the substance used, an individual could have extremely difficult times with rehab therapy. But knowing the signs of addictive behavior is often the first step toward seeking addiction treatment.

Regardless of the nature of the addiction, feeling a craving to use a particular substance is the primary sign of addictive behavior. And sometimes, this urge can be severe or even painful.

It is well known that cigarette smokers find it difficult to quit. But this type of addiction can often be overcome without therapy or intervention. However, those who have used heroin or other hard drugs heavily may need hospital treatment and drug rehab to stop using.

Additionally, withdrawals can be severely debilitating for those who quit without intervention or treatment. And those with severe addictions can experience intense withdrawal symptoms that can be quite painful.

Another telltale sign of addictive behavior is neglect of responsibility. In fact, it is not uncommon for an addict to neglect family obligations and even look after their children instead of satisfying their cravings for a particular substance. And this often leads to further disruptions in life, such as failure to meet obligations at work.

High tolerance levels also indicate addictive behavior. And that’s because each time a person habitually uses a particular substance, it will ultimately take more of it to achieve the desired effect or state of euphoria. This high tolerance can also be dangerous because it means a person takes a higher dose, which can lead to an overdose or death.

Georgetown Behavioral Hospital is located in southern Ohio. And health care providers at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital work to help patients cope with mental illness and addiction.

If you want to learn more about addictive behavior or inquire about treatment, you can visit Georgetown Behavioral Hospital through the company’s website.

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