Guide and advice for buying a tablet for teleworking


Fortunately, there are areas where teleworking appears to be a solution for the future so that workers can continue their work, but without having to leave their homes, using a portable or a tablet.

In case we have a job that allows us to do it from home, we should be able to do everything required of it ourselves.

Obviously, there will be people who choose to buy a computer, be it a laptop or a desktop, while others think they can get more than enough with a tablet.

If we are concerned with the latter, we recommend that you continue reading, because we are going to show you everything you need to pay attention to, as a guide, as well as some tips on how to buy this tablet. Find the one that best suits you, your needs and your budget.

Since there are so many possibilities on the market, we believe that if we are not aware of everything in the world of pills, it can be a real odyssey to find out which one is best for us.

That’s why we’ll also try everything below.


Although you work from home and one of the premises must always have a dedicated space when this work is carried out from home, Size, weight and dimensions are going to matter,

We already know that the main activity of this device is to work, but it will also help us to work with it in our free time, so having a tablet is normal. android For instance, to move from one place to another,

We should find a tablet, within our budget, that has the right dimensions, with a good correlation between its size filter and versatility. In addition, with all this, it would have to be with a weight that is not annoying.

Xiaomi tablet 5

how is the screen

The screen is probably the most relevant part of the tablet, at least at first glance.

As you can imagine, the best thing is that the bigger the screen, the better, because Visualization will be improvedBut the analysis that we do in the panel for this type of device should not stop there.

There are other issues that are also very important, such as resolutionwhich, to our knowledge, Should never go below Full HD (1080p)Since if it goes downhill from there, we think it will be more of a step back at that time.

We must also be aware of the level of brightness of the screen, something that is going to have a number of integers to mark what is ease of viewingloss point of viewso that we have the possibility to move a little while continuing to see the image well, or Level of protection against scratches and shocks of the panel,

Once all your criteria are met in the budget we have, we would have made a lot of progress in choosing the best tablet for telecoms.

Huawei Matepad Pro 10.8

internal features

know what kind of work we do, The tablet needs to be optimized All that matters to him are his inner characteristics.

In other words, if we are going to use it for designing or photo editing, to give two examples, our memory should never be less than 6 GB, plus internal storage should also be large enough to save the files required .

Obviously, the processor will also be important, because if we are going to use an Android tablet (for example) only for office automation, we can absolutely use a mid-range processor.

If our work requires powerful applications, we will have no choice but to try to have a high-end processor, even if it does not have to be the most recent.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8


There are two settings in this section that we cannot ignore, such as Wi-Fi and BluetoothWe agree that all tablets currently sold on the market will have these two types of connection, but having Bluetooth 4.0 is not the same as having 5.2, just like having WiFi 5 is not the same as have WiFi.

We must also be proactive and know if at some point we will need to work with the tablet away from home, which will force us to buy. in which you can insert a SIM card,

As usual, in this case the minimum compatibility that we should require regarding a wireless connection is that it is 4G, it is advisable that it is compatible with 5G.

If you add individual ports to all this, like a 3.5mm jack for headphones or another USB Type C, the whole thing will already be quite complete.

apple ipad pro


The battery problem is one of them that may seem less important, but it is not entirely true.

Many people may think that I can use the tablet to work from home, because it will always be plugged in at the same time, no need to worry about the battery or the autonomy of the device.

Here we must be clear that There is an extremely negative impact to working with a tablet always connected to electricity On the battery itself, thus reducing its autonomy and even the cases where it is directly damaged.

The best thing to do if we are going to work with our tablet at home is to disconnect it from the power grid while it has a battery and turn it on only when it really needs a charge.

Some brands also include options in their software so that the battery only charges at a percentage less than one hundred percent, allowing us to constantly connect it to the light, because in this way this essential element of our device will not suffer so many.

We must bear in mind that, although the main display of the tablet will be teleworking, we can go anywhere and as always we want the autonomy to be good.

A tablet can be the perfect way to introduce seniors to the world of the internet, and you’ll find all the information you need in this report.


We already know that tablets have two cameras, one on the back and one on the front, although really the only thing that matters to us for telecommuting is what we’re going to do. use for video calls,

It will therefore be necessary that provide us good front sensor With which we can enjoy quality video calls leaving aside the rear camera, since it will not be of any use to us except in extremely special moments.

With everything you have read, you have all the data you need to be able to get yourself a tablet for telecommuting that suits you perfectly and within the budget you have. If you don’t forget any of the features we just mentioned above, you are going to buy the best option.


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