Guide reveals lesser-known Island County destinations


Guide reveals lesser-known Island County destinations

A new post leads adventurers to rarely explored trails across the county.

A new publication from Whidbey and Camano Islands Tourism leads adventurous visitors and residents to rarely explored trails throughout the county.

According to Sherrye Wyatt, head of public relations and marketing for the tourism commission.

The free publication, “Field Guide: 24 Trails Off the Beaten Path,” offers two dozen alternatives to the islands’ most popular sites and guides hikers through a series of hidden gems in Whidbey, from the County Park Trail to ‘Ala Spit at the north end at the Dorothy Cleveland Trail in Clinton.

The guide contains details about each trail, such as length, parking information, difficulty rating, trail amenities, and accessibility information. The online guide also includes a two-minute trailer of each location, offering a brief virtual tour and tips on trail amenities.

The trails listed are varied in terms of difficulty, relief and attractions. For example, on the North End, Dugualla State Park has a network of moderate trails with ups and downs. In Central Whidbey, the paths of the Price Sculpture Forest are dotted with nature-themed artwork. At the south end, the Waterman Shoreline Preserve Trail is an easy, wheelchair accessible quarter mile with a brief view of the Saratoga Passage.

While the guide will help draw tourists to less crowded spaces, it’s also a valuable tool for Whidbey residents who want to explore their own homes in greater depth, Wyatt said. While some of the places listed in the guide, such as the trails at Greenbank Farm or Meerkerk Gardens, may seem familiar to those who have lived on the island for a long time, Wyatt said many residents have never visited or even Heard about several of the places. listing.

Some of Wyatt’s favorite places on the list are the Garry Oak Tree Tour through Oak Harbor and the Earth Sanctuary Trails in Langley.

With seven Camano Island trails, the guide can also help Whidbey residents explore the county’s other island.

The field guide was released at the end of June. The tourism committee has printed 30,000 copies, half of which have already been distributed, Wyatt said. People can find printed guides at Island County Visitor Centers or view the guide online at


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