Guide: Road markings to watch out for to avoid a 2,000 Dh fine in Abu Dhabi


Dubai: Driving in the United Arab Emirates? Watch not only for road signs but also for road markings, which help regulate traffic and guide motorists. Although road signs are easier to spot, you can miss a road marking and land with a traffic fine.

Public bus lanes, for example, have the lane marked with a road marking, which reads “Bus only” in Dubai or “Bus lane” in Abu Dhabi. Sometimes the whole lane can also be painted red, to identify a bus lane. If you as the driver inadvertently drive into the lane, you will end up with a fine of 600 Dh in Dubai or 400 Dh in Abu Dhabi.

Parking at a bus stop

On May 29, the Integrated Transport Authority (ITC) Abu Dhabi reminded motorists of the dangers of parking in dedicated bus stop parking areas. In a post on its official social media, the ITC illustrated how parking cars in these areas, even for a short time, is dangerous for road users as it is difficult for buses to stop. in the parking lot.

In its message, the ITC said: “Parking in bus parking areas is prohibited as it endangers the safety of road users. Violation of this rule will result in a fine of 2,000 Dh.

In the past, the ITC has also commented on how the practice of using bus stops to pick up or drop off people increases the risk of traffic accidents or causes delays in bus service.


Fine for parking in a bus parking area in Abu Dhabi

Motorists found parked at a bus stop will be fined 2,000 Dh.
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Driving through bus lanes in Abu Dhabi

In 2020, Abu Dhabi Police also raised awareness of the fines motorists face when attempting to drive in lanes reserved for public buses and taxis. Crossing a lane reserved for public transport – even for a short stretch – will immediately result in a fine of 400 Dh.


Fine for driving in public bus and taxi lane in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi bus lane

In Abu Dhabi, motorists trying to drive in lanes reserved for buses and taxis will be fined 400 Dh.
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Driving through the bus lanes in Dubai

Also in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has built special lanes for buses and taxis in the emirate.

Over the next five years, RTA plans to extend it to over 48 km.

You can find these bus lanes in high traffic areas, which makes it even more important to keep an eye out for road markings, as you may inadvertently enter the bus lane to avoid traffic. An easy way to identify the lane is to look for ‘Bus only’ or ‘Only bus, taxi’ written in large print on the road. You can also see a bus symbol painted on the road, which indicates that it is a public transport lane.

According to the RTA, these lanes are dedicated not only to buses and taxis, but also to police cars, civil defense vehicles and ambulances. Speed ​​cameras closely monitor these lanes to detect if a private vehicle is using the lane and motorists who violate this rule are fined Dh600.


Fine for driving in the lane reserved for public buses and taxis in Dubai

Dubai bus lane

According to RTA, a fine of 600 Dh will be imposed on motorists caught driving in the lane reserved for buses and taxis.
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List of bus routes in Dubai

Here is a list of currently operational bus lanes in Dubai. If you are driving in one of these areas, keep an eye out for the road markings mentioned above:

• Al Mina Street to a point just before the intersection with Zabeel Street, in both directions.
• Naif Street – a 1 km stretch
• Al Ittihad Road – 500m, exit before Al Nahda, Dubai, towards Sharjah towards Dubai
• Al Mina Street – 1,700 m from Kuwait Street at Falcon intersection
• Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Street – 1.8 km from Al Satwa R/A to Sheikh Rashid Street
• Al Khaleej Street – 1.7 km from Creek Street to Al Musalla Street
• Khalid bin Al Waleed Street – 100 m from the intersection of Al Mina Street to 16 Street
• Al Ghubaiba Street – 500 m from the intersection of Al Mina Street to 12 Street


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