Guide: study resources, tips for incoming freshmen


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Starting your freshman year at college can be overwhelming when it comes to classes, exams, new professors, and more. However, the University has provided a few tools and programs to help new students make the smooth transition to college life.

For example, the Center for Undergraduate Success offers a tutoring service called LAUNCH for biochemistry, biology, chemistry, economics and other courses. Tutoring services take place at different times of the week and are available to all students.

The College of Natural sciences and mathematics offers recitation sessions open to all students enrolled in certain STEM courses. Recitations provide additional practice with concepts discussed in lectures, a positive learning environment, hands-on discussions, and opportunities for specific questions. Your teachers will provide information regarding when the recitations will take place.

The University also offers a variety of other more specific services, such as Center for Academic Support and Assessment, AEC Chemistry Tutoring Room, Geoscience Learning Center and the Academic Enrichment Program. These resources can help students develop successful study habits while acclimating to the college environment and demands.

In addition to tutoring services, students can attend their professor’s office hours for more specific questions regarding coursework or class structure. Faculty office hours allow students to seek clarification if needed and allow them to spend one-on-one time with professors.

The University Writing Center can be an excellent resource for individual consultations with qualified personnel and students. On their website, students can find appointment information, including availability and reservations.

Some effective study tips include taking notes while reading a textbook, rewriting important information, creating flashcards and cheats, and solving as many problems as possible.

Time management tips include determining when major exams or assignments are due each week. Students can assign specific days you plan to complete for each task, ensuring work doesn’t pile up.

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