Guide to buying a 2023 Honda Civic Type R


Honda continues to make up for lost ground on the Type-R badge in North America. This 11th generation model of the Civic is perhaps the best yet, especially when it wears the internationally renowned red R.

Main characteristics
  • Big performance in a small package
  • Six-speed manual transmission with rev-matching capability
  • A more traditional approach to Honda styling
  • Model: Type R
  • Engine/Motor: 2.0L inline-4 with turbocharger
  • Powerful : 315 hp
  • Couple : 310 lb-ft.
  • Transmission: YOUR
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual transmission
  • Most Powerful Production Honda Ever
  • Helical-type limited-slip differential as standard
  • Major cooling system improvements over the previous model
The inconvenients
  • Some are styling essentials, not as aggressive as the previous generation
  • Likely to be heavily marked up by dealers

2023 Honda Civic Type R Preview​​

It’s here! The next Civic Type R. Here in the US, we’ve only been lucky enough to have Honda in the market with a Civic Type R since the last-generation FK8 model in 2017. Of course, in other places in the world there has been a longer line of the Civic Type R. The EK9 being the first, in 1997.

Related: 9 Things Only True Gearheads Know About Honda’s Sports CarsThings have changed quite a bit since 1997. Does the new 2023 Civic Type R share DNA with its third great-grandfather? Physically, the Civic has come a long way since the ’90s. But, the Type R is still very true to its original form, big power, a front-wheel-drive hatch with a limited-slip differential and a red interior to boot.

Power and transmission

High power is a tricky term these days. Remember, this is a Honda Civic we’re talking about, not a Hellcat Challenger. Even still, the 315 bhp (at 6,500 rpm) the new Type R delivers took the crown for the the most powerful production Honda car ever. Further proof that Honda takes the new Type R very seriously as a performance vehicle.

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All that power comes from a redesigned version of the venerable Honda K20C1 engine. The engineering team modified the turbocharger, increased airflow and implemented the use of an active exhaust valve in the less restrictive OEM exhaust. Not only does the new car have more horsepower than the previous generation car, but it also has a wider torque curve at 310 lb-ft. from 2,600 up to 4,000 rpm.

As you’d expect from a Civic Type R, power is sent to the front wheels from a standard six-speed manual transmission. The new car also gets a revised and lightened flywheel and rev-matching system. Which Honda says will make downshifts even smoother and more efficient than before. There’s also a helical-type limited-slip differential to keep the power to the ground. Honda has also addressed some cooling system issues in the new Civic Type R, adding a larger fan, radiator and grille opening to help lower temperatures when users take these cars to the track.

Comfort and quality

Interior-wise, the new 2023 Civic Type R is a performance-oriented version of the already neat and very sufficient 11th-gen Civic. The beautiful reinforced, light and very red sports seats are a little lower than before. There’s a Type R-specific engraved plaque on the dash and a weighted aluminum shift knob to let you know you’re not just any Honda Civic, you’re in a Type R!


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Among the interior upgrades, there are plenty of technologies to satisfy almost everyone in the market for these cars. The Type R features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard on its new 9-inch color touchscreen. If you’re the type of driver who wants a great audio system to accompany your driving experience, Honda has you covered, too. Standard equipment for the Civic Type R includes a premium Bose Centerpoint audio system specially designed around the interior of the 11th generation Civic.

There’s also an all-new digital display in the dash with all sorts of information neatly displayed in a way to suit high-performance driving. You’ll be able to quickly check rpm, gear indication, as well as a host of other metrics via Hondas+R mode. The Civic Type R also includes a new version of the Honda LogR performance data recording system that combines on-board sensors with an integrated vehicle app. This system can help drivers get the most out of their car on a track by displaying lap times, lateral grip and other performance metrics either on the car’s in-car display or on the drivers smartphone. users.

Pricing and launch

Official release and pricing details for the new Civic Type R are vague at the time of writing. All signs indicate that the Japanese-built 2023 Civic Type R will be released in the fall of 2022. Most likely, prices will start below the $40,000 mark.

Overall, it looks like Honda has made a solid upgrade from the FK8 Civic Type R model while still staying true to the 25-year legacy of the Type R name in conjunction with the Civic model. A range of cars that, despite the trim levels, have been iconic around the world for many years. In fact, Honda recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Civic. What a perfect time to launch the most powerful and advanced Civic Type R yet.


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