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Playing League of Legends alone can be tedious work and just isn’t the same as starting a game with a group of friends, especially when you’re pulling off the biggest and sickest moves of your LoL career. with no one to say they saw it. . With challenges, you don’t need eyewitnesses to prove how good you are at this game.

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Leveling up the same way as your Profile Level but measured in metal levels like your Rank, Challenges are a way to show off what you’re good at in the world’s favorite MOBA.

What are the challenges

Challenges are a new way to measure some of the smaller but still awesome moments in your games. There are five categories, each focusing on different gameplay elements and featuring plenty of challenges. There’s a sixth category called Legacy, which tracks your rank in seasonal challenges, which will end up being inaccessible at some point.


There are smaller groups within each of the five main groups where the player can earn points by upgrading individual challenges, just to make things even more complicated. So in Expertise there is a cornerstone called Domination which focuses on being better than your lane opponent. Challenges within this group include being three levels higher than the enemy player in the same role (Top, Mid, etc.) as well as finishing the game with 20% more vision score. You’ll need some serious gaming experience to reach them.

How challenges are measured

Each challenge is measured from unranked to master, just like in games. The synthesis group this challenge is in also earns points towards the next rank. There is also an overall challenge leaderboard on the top left when you accessed the client page through your Profile tab. This increases as you earn points in any challenge and the orb changes color. This is visible in your player card loading screen at the top.

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Each level of challenges only has room for a certain number of players per region, so you’ll need to keep honing your skills to keep climbing or falling down the ladder. Some challenges are also mode-specific, such as Wild Rift, Ranked 5 Man, or ARAM.

How to show off your accomplishments

Once you start completing these challenges, you will unlock tokens. These can be displayed on your profile, on your gamer card on loading screens, and when friends hover over your name banner. Images representing what you do best will be displayed and the color will change depending on your rank. They are a great way to show off your prowess.

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Choose these tokens by clicking on your summoner icon and then on the tab of the same name. This will show all challenges in which you have a rank. You can choose up to three, and to change one you’ve already selected, just click on it at the top of the window next to the search bar. Some challenges even go all the way up to Master level, but reaching this select group of players is going to take dedication, time, and a lot of skill.

What are titles?

Another part of this update is the introduction of titles. These can be earned in certain challenges when a particular rank is achieved. This happens after you’ve completed the challenge requirements multiple times and you can track your progress in the Challenge tab of your profile. Only certain challenges can get you a title, like “Gets The Wurm” in the Monsterhunter Group of Teamwork and Strategy Cornerstone. Taking down a Baron Nashor within a minute of spawning earns you one point, and once you reach gold in this challenge, you can earn the Early Bird title. This appears under your summoner name on your player card.

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Not all achievements rely on combat either, as Riot plans to slow down combat in games. To choose the title you wear, click on your summoner icon and choose the Title tab next to Tokens. Here you can see all the available titles and maybe choose the one you want to work towards,

Track your progress

At the end of each game, the final screens now show the individual the progress you’ve made in that game. Every challenge your game has contributed to will appear, along with any Eternals you’ve added, though Eternals are an entirely different system – just like Honor. By going to the challenge tab, you can see which challenges you are about to level up with and where your friends are doing in comparison.

These achievements are still tied to all other players in your current region, so the points needed to rank up will increase throughout the season as the majority of players earn more.

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