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Cards in Marvel Snap have seven rarity levels called variants. They are strictly cosmetically enhanced versions of the same card and do not affect a card’s power in any way.

The rarity of the variants is represented by the color of the border. Once the base map (common version) is obtained, players can further improve the map by using boosters and advancing collection levels. For more details on player progression, check out our dedicated guide.

Marvel Snap progression guide: How do I collect cards?

Once at Infinity rarity (the highest level), the card is split into a second copy which starts over at Common but with an additional visual effect, which shows that this card is an Infinity version. And then you can start leveling that card again, with those respective effects stacking on top of your Infinity effect.

Scarcity border color Effect Booster cost Cost of credit
Common Grey Normal map illustration
Rare Green Art goes out of frame 5 boosters 25 Credits
Rare Blue Art gains 3D effect 10 boosts 100 Credits
Epic Purple Art wins in animation 20 boosts 200 Credits
Legendary Orange The logo on the card becomes shiny 30 boosts 300 Credits
Ultra Red? Map border animates 40 boosts 400 Credits
Infinite Foil? Divide the card into two copies 50 boosts 500 Credits

Card images are coming soon! In the meantime, check out the example variants.

Captain Marvel Variants

Variants of Deadpool


Doctor Strange Variants


Drax variants


Variants of Psylocke


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