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CHICAGO — Last year, the opening night of the Chicago International Film Festival said it all. A movie (“The French Dispatch” by Wes Anderson) was screened inside at the Music Box Theatre. That same night, across town, another film (“The Velvet Underground” by Todd Haynes) was screened outside at the Pilsen drive-in known as ChiTown Movies, also known as the parking lot outside ChiTown Futbol, ​​also known as the town’s standout shop. screening location.

It was 19 months after the start of the pandemic. Audience surveys carried out during the 2021 festival, recalls CIFF artistic director Mimi Plauche, indicated that for “more than 40% of ticket holders attending a face-to-face screening that year, it was their first time at inside a room – any room – since March 2020.”

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