Highland Council launches free building maintenance guide


Highland Council, in partnership with Inverness City Heritage Trust, has created a free downloadable guide to help promote the essential and regular inspection and maintenance of all traditional buildings.

Across the Highlands there are many examples of commercial, commercial, public and private properties built from high quality natural materials, which need to be maintained in the right way.

Buildings are subject to various weather conditions and over time these can cause changes and, if not taken into account, can damage the structure of the building. Regular maintenance is long-lasting, helps protect your building and reduces costly repair bills.

The booklet contains a wealth of expert and practical advice for traditional building owners to help them understand their property. It highlights common maintenance issues and provides links to various resources, where homeowners can access help and advice.

Chairman of Highland Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Councilor Ken Gowans, said: “Tackling routine maintenance is key to preserving the fabric of everyone’s property, and if owners are vigilant and know the signs to look for, potential problems can be resolved before they cause too much damage and become too costly.

“The council regularly reminds building owners that it is their responsibility to keep members of the public safe in and around their buildings – whether the property is commercial, commercial, public or private. This new guide will be very helpful in highlighting the things owners need to consider when carrying out their inspections and when making the necessary maintenance arrangements. »

Jean Ramsay Smith, trustee of Inverness City Heritage Trust, added: “Many problems that affect older properties can be avoided with early detection and regular maintenance. Simple jobs like cleaning gutters can be a much cheaper and more convenient option than having to deal with bigger issues like rot in the future.

The free guide can be downloaded from the council’s website.


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