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Splatoon 3 is here to deliver a whole new era of ink-based shooter action. The series is conceptually unique, even within its own genre, with the emphasis on controlling the arena of multiplayer matches. However, it was the artistic side of things that was most appealing.

Inspired by fashion, rebel culture and hip-hop, all of this is reflected in the dynamic worlds the game takes place in, as well as the stylish inhabitants of said world.

It also gave rise to artistic opportunities for players – and that carried over to the latest installment as well. Here’s how to use the Art Posts feature in Splatoon 3.

Let your imagination run wild with Splatoon 3 Art Posts

To begin, players will need to have created their character and completed the tutorial. Indeed, the place where these publications are created is available in the central world of Splatsville, which is unlocked once the aforementioned prerequisites have been completed.

Once in the animated hub, there is still one more step before players can start doodling; they must choose a Splatfest team. Splatfests are recurring in-game events where players choose a team to belong to and battle for victory in online matches.

Currently, there are three choices in Splatoon 3: Rock, Paper, Scissors. Once you’ve chosen the team of your choice, proceed to find a red mailbox. Interacting with it brings up a warning box, which reads:

“This mailbox is where you can create drawings and post them on social media. Your drawings may be visible to other players, so please do not post any personal information or inappropriate content. These drawings may be displayed as signs or graffiti in Splatsville.”

This is followed by the “Publish” option, which takes players to a new window where they can start drawing whatever they want. There is an additional pop-up that details drawing commands. They are the following:

  • One Button – Pen: You can write or draw with the pen. The pen is available in three different thicknesses.
  • Button B – Eraser: You can erase things you have written or drawn with the eraser. The eraser is available in three different sizes.
  • L/R Buttons – Change Size: This allows you to change the pen and eraser size.
  • L3 Button – Clear All: Tap it to erase everything
  • ZL – Cancel button: Undo your last action
  • ZR – Redo button: Redo an action you undid
  • X-Zoom key: Zoom in on the area where you want to draw. Press this button again to zoom out
  • Y Button – Toggle Horizontal/Vertical: Draw a design of vertical length. Press again to return to horizontal.
  • Joystick R – Move: In zoom in or vertical mode, you can move the area displayed on the screen
  • Plus (+) button – Publish: Post your creation to a linked Twitter or Facebook account to share with others
  • Minus button (-) – Save and exit: Save your drawing and return to the hub world.

SRL Intern here, and I’m very happy to announce that Splatoon 3 is available now! Have fun and have fun! Everyone else in the Lab is doing “research”, so I’m sure no one will care if I get a few games too…

Splatoon 3 is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

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