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Unlocking achievements is something a lot of GTA Vice City Definitive Edition players love to do, as the remastered version of the game introduced 13 new achievements. Players can spend their time unlocking them along with the originals from the previous version of the game.

As the Definitive Edition of GTA Vice City introduced new achievements, it is important to understand how they are obtained as many of these trophies are difficult to obtain.

There are over 43 achievements and trophies in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition, and they’re divided into five categories based on how they’re earned. This guide will help players get them all.

Full list of achievements and trophies in GTA Vice City DE

Mission Completed Achievements

The following achievements are only unlocked when you complete the missions assigned to them.

Running crawling (Complete Vigilant Level 12)

Someone call the Wambulance? (Full Paramedic Level 12)

Jural advisor (Complete “Riot”)

Party life (Complete “All on Deck!”)

South American connection (Complete “Supply & Demand”)

Great Little Havana Heat (Complete “Trojan Voodoo”)

Pistol for rent (Complete all assassination contracts)

Driver (Complete the mission “Ad Visit”)

Tommy two-wheeler (Complete the “Hog Tied” mission)

Managed Mischief (Complete the mission “Keep your friends close…”)

Achievements of vehicles

Driving is a core part of GTA Vice City DE, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of achievements and trophies related to activities done with vehicles.

One is better than two (Perform a 30 second wheelie)

Point A to point B (Drop 25 passengers behind the wheel of the taxi)

Just like the real thing (Win the RC Bandit Race)

No need for roads (Reach top speed in a Deluxo)

daredevil (Complete 36 unique jumps)

Grand Theft Auto (Collect all wanted vehicles at Sunshine Autos Import Garage)

Distractions in the oven (Hijack the tank without alerting the army first, during “Sir, yes sir!”)

Missing Achievements

GTA Vice City DE introduced four missing trophies which are really important to get, as players only have one chance to get them.

Not my first time

(Complete “G-Spotlight” without falling from rooftops)

Chopper’d Up (Kill all hostile NPCs during “Demolition Man” using the RC helicopter blades)

Greetings my boyfriend (Use the M4 to take out Diaz during “Rub Out”)

Irony (Kill the property developer with a golf club during “Four Iron”)

High Rank Achievements/Ranking/Damage

Being the best in GTA Vice City takes a lot of time and skill, so getting achievements for them is definitely worth it.

Catch Me If You Can (Reach a six-star wanted level)

blood stained hands (Earn the criminal Butcher rating)

Keepie-Uppy Okie Dokie (Earn a high score of 5 with the Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball)

I’m famous! (Earn Stuff of Legends Media Attention Rank)

Take the cannoli (Earn the Godfather criminal rating)

Offender (Reach 50 Wanted Stars)

Break it up (Causes $500,000 in property damage)

Bull in a china shop (Causes $1,000,000 in property damage)

Put them in place (Remove 15 stores)

training target (Perform 50 headshots)

Various achievements

These are other achievements that don’t fit into other categories but are still important in GTA Vice City DE.

Born in the 80s (Listen to all music stations at least once)

High quality H2O (Extinguish 10 fires)

Pie Guy (Deliver 10 pizzas)

Vice City Mogul (Own 10 properties)

oily palms (Use a police bribe to lower your wanted level)

City detective (Find 100 hidden packages)

All done (Earn 100% completion)

Center pivot (Unlock all achievements)

Lustful retro (Wear every outfit in the game at least once)

Explore the city (Find 50 hidden packages)

Prime real estate (Buy all properties)

Vice Vice Baby (Complete the Cherry Popper dealer subgame)

These are all the achievements and trophies players can unlock by playing GTA Vice City Definitive Edition. Although these trophies may seem easy, they are still difficult to obtain. This is especially true for those missing, as there is still no functionality for players to replay certain missions. Thus, if a player misses one of their achievements, they must either replay from the last checkpoint or start the game over.

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