How to gift games on PS4 and PS5? [Easy And Detailed Guide]


We teach you how to gift games on PS4 in detail. Instructions aren’t fully available, so you may struggle with your right move.

Gaming is one of the best bonding activities available. Multiplayer entries allow you to share with friends and family or meet new people.

Gift games take bonding to another level. It lets you invite someone else to the game you enjoy and even play it together online.

Or it lets you surprise someone with a title that you know that person would like.

How to gift games on PS4 and PS5?

The trick is that Sony’s purchasing policies limit your digital purchase choices at the PlayStation Store. Additionally, you cannot purchase PS4 or PS5 games for other people through the PlayStation Store.

Therefore, your best option is to buy a PlayStation gift card. In other words, it is not possible to gift digital copies of games to family and friends.

There is a secondary option, however, game sharing. We have already made the guide; for example, PS4 users can sign in with your user on your friend’s PlayStation and set it as their primary PS4. This grants the secondary console access to your entire library.

Or, of course, you can buy a physical game from any retailer. I bet it might not work for you. In particular, the other person may not be physically close. Additionally, the PS5 Digital Edition doesn’t even have a disc tray.

Gift games with the PlayStation Store Gift Card

The next part of the equation is how to purchase the PlayStation Gift Card. It is not available on the PlayStation Store, but you can find it on the site.

After purchasing it, you can gift the card to someone else so that person can purchase any game from the PlayStation Store.

It’s not technically a “gift”, and it’s far from desirable. However, this is the only real option you have. The good part is that every PlayStation game is available digitally and physically – you don’t have to worry about downtime.

How do I buy a PlayStation Store payment card?

You can visit this PlayStation Store site to purchase a gift card. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. You do not need to log in to purchase the item as it does not work through PlayStation Store. sing on playstation
  2. The options are $10, $25, $50, and $100. You can press “To buy now” to choose the desired option. buy playstation gift card now
  3. After choosing a purchase option, the site will direct you to various retailers where you can purchase the card. choose retailer for playstation gift card

You can buy the PlayStation Store payment card in various physical and digital retail stores.

These options include Walmart, Target, GameStop and Best Buy. Alternatively, you can find it at other gaming, tech, or convenience stores in your country.

Then you can physically give the card to the other person or just send the digital codes.

Overall, getting a PlayStation Cash Card depends on where in the world you are. It will be easier if you have globally accepted payment methods or if you are physically close to an official PlayStation retailer.

Finally, you can also purchase a PlayStation Plus card from physical or digital stores. In this way, you could offer a subscription to a friend. That said, exchanging these cards works the same as a regular card.

How do I redeem a PlayStation Gift Card on the PS4?

Finally, you need to know how to use a PlayStation Store payment card, so you can guide your friend later.

Here’s how to redeem the gift card on the PS4:

  1. On the PS4, go to Settings ps4 settings
  2. Go to Account management account management
  3. Select Account Information
  4. Select Walletps4 account information wallet
  5. Select Add Funds
  6. Select “Redeem codes and gift cards
  7. Enter card code on the box redeem code
  8. Hurry Continue to finish

From now on, Cash Card funds are part of the Wallet, and you or the other person can use it to buy it. PlayStation automatically uses the funds upon purchase.

How do I redeem a PlayStation Gift Card on the PS5?

Using the code on the PS5 is similar, and here are the instructions:

  1. On your PS5 dashboard, navigate to Play store playstation store
  2. Tap the three dots (“…”) options menu on the left
  3. Select “redeem coderedeem code
  4. Enter the 12-digit code to redeem the gift redeem code on ps5

As before, after redeeming the Cash Card, its funds will become part of the PlayStation Wallet.

How to use funds from your PlayStation Wallet?

PlayStation goes automatically use wallet funds every time you buy from its online store.

Specifically, it will first deduct the funds from your wallet and complete -if necessary- with your payment method.

For example, if you add $20 via a payment card and buy a game for $60, it will deduct the entire $20 from the wallet and charge $40 from your payment method. If you don’t have a payment method at this point, you’ll be prompted to add one.

How to check your PlayStation Wallet balance?

You can check wallet funds on the PlayStation if you’re wondering.

It’s quite easy. When you access the PlayStation Store, your avatar, username and PSN balance (your wallet) can be found in the top right corner.

Deceased Digital Download Codes

Previously, users could purchase digital game download codes from various retailers. These included Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy.

This is no longer an option; the only option left is to purchase a gift card. Since April 1, 2019, Sony has banned physical retailers from selling digital game download codes. This was the way users were expected to gift games on PS4.

Is there a better alternative?

All this is not very practical, but it is still possible. If you’re looking for an easier way to gift games, you might want to try it out through Steam.

In particular, if you don’t have a payment method accepted by PlayStation retailers, you might have one for Steam. In particular, the Steam Wallet has a wider range of payment methods worldwide, and you can buy a Steam gift card on the platform.


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