HOW-TO GUIDE: How to Buy Airtime with $CELO or cUSD Stablecoin in Africa on Valora App in 6 Easy Steps


One of the challenges with crpyto is how to convert your funds for everyday use, like getting airtime. However, thanks to innovation, we are seeing more and more options that allow users to convert their crypto almost instantly.

The Valora app is a service that attempts to make it easier for ordinary people to access and use crypto.

Built on the Celo blockchain, Valora uses blockchain technology to allow users to send money from one continent to another in seconds, with near-zero fees.

Celo is a blockchain that supports stablecoins and digital assets while using mobile phone numbers to secure the user’s public keys.

The app, which can be downloaded for free from Google Playstore, also allows users to convert their crypto assets into airtime in a simple process that can be followed on the app.


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Here are the steps to buy airtime through the Valora crypto app anywhere in Africa:

1. Log into the app

This is what the login page looks like where you need to enter a PIN that you have already registered.

This is what the first page looks like. It reveals the amount of funds you hold while providing buttons to activate transactions.

In this case, it can be seen that the user already has some 23.83 cUSD held in their Celo wallet. The cUSD is one of Celo’s stablecoins and it tracks the dollar 1:1.

cUSD can be traded against other cryptocurrencies on most major exchanges. In addition to cUSD, funds on Valora can also be held in:

  • cEUR (Stablecoin that tracks the euro)
  • $CELO (native crypto)

2. Withdraw funds

Once you’re in the app, click the 3-line button to bring up the menu. In this menu, you will select a button called “Add/Remove”. This gives you the following options:

  • Add funds to your Celo wallet
  • Withdraw your funds

Click on “Withdraw funds” from which you will get the withdraw funds page, with a set of other options.

Here’s what it looks like:

3. Receive funds in gift cards and mobile recharge

The next page will ask you to select the asset/currency you wish to withdraw.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we have selected cUSD as this is the currency in which we hold our funds.

Once you have selected the digital asset, you are also supposed to select the channel through which you wish to receive your funds. The application allows you to withdraw via 4 options:

  • Bank account
  • Gift cards and mobile recharge
  • Address of Celo
  • Crypto exchange

For our case, we will select the second option ‘Gift cards and mobile recharge.’

4. Select your mobile operator

Valora works with third-party services to transfer crypto assets to a mobile channel.

Once you have selected that you wish to receive your assets in the form of a gift card and mobile recharge, you will need to select your mobile operator as well as your country.

In this case, the page has a menu item called “Bidali”, because the third-party service providing the exit service is called Bidali, a fintech that turns funds into gift cards to be used for e-commerce.

Moreover, the app has also determined on its own that the user is in Uganda, whereupon it presents a list of 4 operators in the country where funds can be received.

5. Enter the amount

Once you have selected the operator, the app will ask you to enter the amount you wish to withdraw. In this case, the user has selected the mobile operator “Airtel”.

The user also selected 1 cUSD, which translates to 3,600 Ugandan Shillings (UGX). After entering the amount, there is a slot just below where the user can enter their phone number before clicking “Buy”.

The app will ask for your email address where you can receive the purchase receipt before presenting you with a transaction confirmation page.

6. Approval

Finally, still on the Valora app, the third party will show you the total of the transaction as well as the cost, after which you can select “Pay”.

Once you have selected “Pay”, Valora will again ask you to enter your PIN code, followed by two notifications:

  • The first notification will be on the third party app confirming that the transaction has been completed
  • The final notification from the operator Airtel confirming that the user has received airtime worth 3,612 Ugandan shillings.


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