How to make money in crypto play-to-earn game


THE world of virtual reality has finally merged with cryptocurrency to create the ultimate combination of the two.

Bloktopia was born at the beginning of 2022 and attracted the interest of players and investors. But what is it?


Bloktopia promises to be the perfect fusion of crypto and metaverseCredit: Bloktopia

What is Bloktopia?

The concept of Bloktopia was developed by tech genius Ross Tavakoli, who wanted to create a platform for crypto traders to immerse themselves in another world.

It has produced a virtual skyscraper consisting of 21 floors in a nod to the 21 million Bitcoin ceiling, which acts as an online community hub for crypto fanatics.

It promises to help users – who will be known as Bloktopians – with any degree of experience learn in an “open, friendly environment” while allowing them to learn, earn, play and to create.

It will attempt to ease people into the complicated and confusing Metaverse, as “for the first time ever, users will have access to cryptographic information and immersive content in one place.”

Bloktopia’s spectacular commitment to bringing together the worlds of crypto and virtual reality has created an international buzz.

The Bloktopia wallet is said to work as a multi-chain wallet, allowing users to store other currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

How does Bloktopia work?

Users join the Bloktopia produced by Polygon by creating a virtual avatar and an account to represent themselves.

This character can continue to improve as his journey through the world of VR crypto continues.

They can then enter the extraordinary skyscraper, which holds different surprises on each floor.

Bloktopians on the first floor will find cryptocurrency pricing information, a browsing area, helpdesk, and premium retail space.

If you head all the way up to the 21st floor, players can enter the Deluxe Penthouse to compete for Blok Tokens.

Game activities range from game offerings to simulations and can help users progress through the metaverse.

Bloktopia’s VR Auditorium is a space for major events, conferences and presentations of all things crypto, allowing users to keep up to date with the latest news and trends.

Those who attend will earn Blok tokens as well as knowledge, with the aim of encouraging players to want to educate themselves.

There is also a Bloktopia radio station that broadcasts important information for Bloktopians to listen to.

Users can earn crypto from advertising revenue on huge billboards and buildings


Users can earn crypto from advertising revenue on huge billboards and buildingsCredit: Bloktopia

How to make money with Bloktopia

Like any blockchain project, Bloktopia has its own token known as Blok, which is currently priced at £0.019 according to CoinMarketCap.

Users will be able to buy virtual real estate with this digital currency while reaping the rewards of the various concepts of the Bloktopia system, which is based on an NFT economy.

The real estate model mirrors real-life commerce, as Bloktopians can buy, sell, and rent their Meta homes with a repayment model that you decide.

Metaverse players can also earn ad revenue, as promotions can be displayed on virtual billboards or even “broadcast” on the radio for users to hear.

Play-to-earn games can also help Bloktopians earn money, while community participation can help users advance the platform while earning.

Shops and businesses exist in Bloktopia, which is trying to become the entertainment hub for crypto enthusiasts.

Building networks and empires will also help you earn Blok, as individual ownership and condominiums can help expand your portfolio.

How to play Bloktopia

Each Bloktopia game has its own style and rules, although some closely resemble popular activities that already exist today.

As the Metaverse grows, more and more games keep popping up to entice users to earn crypto.

One of the simulations from Gala Games is Town Star, a browser-based farming simulator that lets you grow crops, build a town, and trade items to earn points.

The free-to-play servers reset every week, meaning everyone starts with a clean slate the following week, while towns are cleared every month.

Users need to create a prosperous town – by choosing an ideal location, producing resources that are sold to towns, and employing staff to help.

Given the layout of your city as it grows, you’ll need to take this into account.

In addition to lumber, employees, wages, and storage, you also need gas to deliver and sell your goods to towns.

NFTs come into play by providing bonuses such as completing jobs faster, adding extra storage, or helping with production.

Users then compete by entering the weekly contest – because the only way to win is to enter the top 100 of the weekly leaderboard.

GALA Coin rewards are distributed based on player rank, decreasing in value the lower your rank.

Rewards will be placed in players’ treasure chests after the weekly tournament ends.

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