How to Spawn a Guardian in Minecraft 1.19 (Easy Guide)


With the wild Minecraft 1.19 update here, the discussion around the mighty guardian has only gone up. Some players are eager to defeat the Guardian in Minecraft, while others just want to test out their best enchantments. Whatever the case for you, the first step to encountering him is knowing how to spawn Warden in Minecraft. We’ve covered everything you need to know, from the guardian’s home biome to activities that can trigger its spawn. And even if you don’t plan on fighting the Guardian, you can use this knowledge to completely prevent this mob from spawning. With that said, let’s learn how to easily find a guardian in Minecraft.

Spawn Guardian in Minecraft (2022)

Finding the Guardian in Minecraft involves a variety of in-game mechanics, which we’ve broken down into separate sections for your convenience. You can use the table below to explore them step by step in detail.

What is a Guardian in Minecraft?

Warden is a powerful hostile mob that resides under the overworld in the Deep Dark biome. It is also the Minecraft’s first blind mob which relies on vibration, smell and audio cues to find its prey.

Once it finds you, the Warden can easily kill you in just two hits with its melee combat, even if you have full netherite armor. If the guardian is unable to reach you directly, he uses a sonic scream attack which is not as powerful as his direct hits but can penetrate through any block.

Where and at what level does the guardian appear?

The guardian only appears in the Deep Dark Biome. This is a new biome in Minecraft update 1.19 and is located below the overworld. You can only find it below the height level below Y=-15. Additionally, the most common location where the Guardian can be summoned is the Ancient City. It is the main structure that generates in this biome and contains incredible loot.

If you are unable to find the biome even after mining and exploring, there is an unconventional way. You can enter the following Minecraft command in your chat section to locate the Deep Dark biome:

/locate biome minecraft:deep_dark

This command only works if you have cheats enabled in your world. When activated, the “locate” command will show you the coordinates of the nearest Deep Dark biome. Then you can teleport in Minecraft to get there or mine your way to the location.

How to Summon the Guardian in Minecraft

Unlike other hostile mobs, Warden does not spawn naturally, even in his native biome. The Guardian only appears if the sulky crier the block detects your presence thrice. You can get away with making accidental noise and vibration twice. But when you do this for the third time, the Sculk Shrieker will summon the Guardian.

sulky crier
Block Sculk Shrieker in Minecraft

This block also gives you the darkness effect whenever you trigger it, making it even harder to navigate the already dark area. So, be sure to keep the night vision potion handy to regain some of your vision.

How does the Sculk Shrieker work?

The sculk shrieker follows these game mechanics to work:

  • The sculk shrieker only detects players if they are inside 16 blocks of its range. It has a spherical range and extends in all directions.
  • When it comes to the darkness effectit has a greater range of 40 blocks. Additionally, it affects all players in the lineup, not just the one who triggered the screamer.
  • As mentioned earlier, you must trigger the howler three times to make him spawn the Guardian. The first two times, it applies the darkness effect but only emits a warning cry.
  • All howlers have a collective 10 second cooldown for each player. So if a player triggers a howler, they don’t have to worry about triggering another one for at least 10 seconds.
  • Finally, if the player is somehow able to get out of reach of the howler before it finishes screaming it does not spawn the guardian in Minecraft. It also does not apply the darkness effect. However, this activation still counts as one of the three trigger attackers.

How to find the guardian in the ancient city

Guardian appearing in Minecraft

Once you trigger the sculk shrieker, it takes around 5 seconds for the Warden to start spawning. It pushes its way out of a nearby solid block and immediately begins searching for the player. If you accidentally hit the guardian while spawning, it will target and attack you immediately in Minecraft 1.19. So make sure to keep your distance and run away when he appears.

As for the search part, the guardian will be the one looking for you. Not the opposite. Once it spawns, you just have to wait a few seconds before the guardian finds you, attacks you, and kills you. You can try to defeat the Guardian using our linked guide. But unless you have the best Minecraft arc enchantments, it’s a losing battle.

Ready to find and fight the Guardian in Minecraft

With this, you know all about how to create Warden in Minecraft. Fighting, Surviving and Escape is another discussion. But we suggest you make sure you check out the Minecraft enchantments guide to get the best gear possible in the game. Because once you start fighting the Guardian, going back is no longer an option. However, if you are creating a multiplayer Minecraft server, you can ask your friends to help you defeat this hostile and indiscriminate mob. That said, do you think the Guardian is overpowered for a non-boss-mob? Tell us in the comments below!


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