How to use it, how much and more


Personal lube, often simply called lube, is a liquid or gel used during sex play to reduce friction between body parts or any part of your body and a sex toy. In addition to reducing friction, lube can also increase pleasure and reduce pain or discomfort during penetrative sex, masturbation, or sex toy play. Whether you engage in sexual activity with a partner or alone, lube often creates a more satisfying overall experience by keeping you lubricated and softening your vaginal or anal tissues.

Importantly, using lube doesn’t mean your body isn’t working the way it should. Of course, the vagina naturally creates its own lubrication, but there are tons factors that contribute to producing less than usual or situations where you would benefit from adding more. For example, menopause, aging, metabolism, hormonal changes, birth control, and the side effects of other medications all have the ability to impact your body’s natural lubrication levels and increase vaginal dryness.

“While natural vaginal lube is produced during times of arousal, menstruating people often find this amount of lube insufficient to make sex as pleasurable as possible,” shares Jess Barra, FNPnurse practitioner for sex and wellness site Favor.

Even if you already produce plenty of natural lubrication during times of arousal, you might still want to keep some lube on hand – you’d be surprised how much pleasure it can add to sex.


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