Inscryption: how to open the safe and wardrobe | Cabin Puzzles Guide


Inscryption is a game of figuring out what’s going on and what to do next, so let us give you some initial cabin tips.


Registration is Daniel Mullins Games’ weirdly unnerving card strategy game. While it doesn’t feel inherently stressful, the game’s deliberately uncomfortable setting and your mysterious opponent turn what feels like a relaxing time into a tense affair. Additionally, as you explore the sinister cabin you find yourself trapped in, you’ll find various items and trinkets that you can interact with. Two of them are the wardrobe and the safe, and we will tell you how to solve them both and reap the rewards.

How to open the safe and access the wardrobe in Inscryption

To access the cabinet puzzles in Registrationyou have to unlock the safe first. Do this, check the instruction manual on the shelf and flip through it until you see a page with some code written on it. The code will be randomized for each player, so you have to find it that way. Now, head to the safe and enter the code as follows: the first number at the top, the second number in the middle and the third number at the bottom. This will open the safe and give you a key you can use to unlock the cabinet.

How to open the four cabinet drawers

Now that you have unlocked the cabinet in Inscryption, you will have access to four more puzzleseach of which will unlock new cards or other valuable items for you. Each is a different puzzle that involves moving the tiles to solve a scenario similar to what you might accompany playing cards against your strange host. While the goal of the four puzzles is to bring the counter to 5how you will do it depends on each puzzle.

While you can honestly figure them all out through experimentation and guesswork, we’re going to assume you came here looking for answers. So with that in mind, scroll down to see the solutions to all four puzzles and your reward for each.

On the top corner left

The solution to the first puzzle is as follows: we will give you the Skink card as a reward.

Top right

The second puzzle solution is a little more difficult than the first and will reward you with the Ant and Ant Queen cards.

At the bottom left

The third solution requires you to understand how sigils work and use them to find the right combination. However, if you don’t want to do that, scroll down to find the solution. You’ll earn the seemingly useless Caged Wolf Card for solving this puzzle.

At the bottom right

Finally, for the last puzzle, you will again be tested on your knowledge of how seals work in Registration. The solution is as follows and will earn you the squirrel head carving, which can be used when having fun in the wood carver during the game.


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