iPhone 14 Pro battery boost seems locked


With just three days until the iPhone 14 becomes official, well-connected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman revealed a few more details about what he expects from Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphones, including a big battery boost.

In the latest issue of its Power On newsletter (opens in a new tab) Ahead of the start of September’s Apple “Far Out” event in Cupertino on Wednesday, Gurman summed up the iPhone 14 rumors we’re all pretty familiar with at this point, but highlighted a few things that got less attention. those last weeks.

The first is that, for the second year in a row, Pro models of the iPhone will get increases in battery capacity, according to Gurman. “Beyond the notch, I’m told to expect the iPhone 14 Pro models to look slightly larger overall and include slimmer bezels,” he wrote. “They will also have bigger batteries.”

This is interesting because we had previously heard that all iPhone 14 models would get a boost, except for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which would see a slight decrease (~1%). Gurman seems to suggest that the two higher end models will benefit from an increase in capacity (as opposed to runtime, which could be explained by efficiency improvements) and that this is something something unique to the Pro range.

The second point is less precise, but just as interesting and concerns the location of the SIM card.

“Apple will give eSIM a bigger push this time around as carriers prepare to steer users to embedded digital SIMs rather than physical ones,” Gurman writes. “In fact, Apple has considered removing the physical SIM card slot completely from this year or next for some models.”

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of this, and removing the SIM card slot has long been an ambition of Apple and its goal of creating a completely portless iPhone. But the fact that Gurman says we’re still in the “consideration” phase makes it sound like something for the iPhone 15. Or maybe like a redesigned version of the iPhone 14 for some markets .

Otherwise, Gurman repeats the now well-rehearsed things we can expect from the iPhone 14 Pro: a 48-megapixel sensor upgrade, improved ultra-wide photography, autofocus on the front camera, facial recognition improved and the power of the A16 chip. .

The standard iPhone 14 remained relatively unreviewed with only “some camera hardware changes”, suggesting it will be a more incremental upgrade for those not upgrading to Pro. If so, there’s a good case for buying an iPhone 13 Pro instead, but we’ll find out for sure on Wednesday when Apple finally gets its head around the phone, along with the Apple Watch 8 and potentially AirPods. Pro 2.


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