Jaws of the Lion DLC Void Warden Character Guide


The new Support class added in the digital version of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, the Void Warden is a support centered around mind control.

With the release of the latest DLC, Gloomhaven: the lion’s mouth, four starting classes have been introduced in the digital version of this ancient tabletop game. Players looking for a support Mercenary to add to their party will find value in the Void Warden, a support character who primarily deals damage by controlling which enemies and allies to attack. Although the game recommends using the Void Warden in large groups, this powerful support can hold its weight even in two-character teams.

Using dark haven‘s Void Warden to their greatest potential can be a tricky task. The character has low initiative and minimal direct attacks. This causes the character to thrive in great engagements, but falter if ever left in a duel. The key to positioning Void Warden is to stay right behind the frontline mercenaries, like Dark Haven’s new red guard class. With proper spacing and coordination, the Void Warden can be one of the strongest support classes in dark haven.


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In terms of perks, upgrading the Void Warden’s modifier set may not seem significant at first, due to the nature of mind control abilities. However, Master Influence reverses this mechanic, allowing the player to use their own deck for the attacks they force enemies to perform. This is a core mechanic for the Void Warden due to its propensity to curse enemies. With many methods to infuse Dark, players may wish to grab two dots in Frost followed by two dots in Umber. Finally, Resilient can be beneficial for bypassing some unpleasant story effects, allowing players to dominate this tactical tabletop RPG.

Best Starting Cards for Void Keeper in Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven Jaw of the Lion Void Warden Character Creation

As for the cards players should use to dark haven‘s Void Warden, Master Influence is the epitome of a mind control build. Signs of the Void is a fairly lackluster card, but its 15 initiatives make it necessary for any starting build. Of the cards available to new Void Wardens, the following deck should prove strong for players new to the character:

  • signs of emptiness
  • gift of emptiness
  • freeze the soul
  • nasty scratch
  • Turn off the lights
  • attract the void
  • grip of fate
  • Master Influence
  • Suggestion
  • Resigned Frenzy
  • Sap Heat / Black Boon

Resigned Frenzy’s background is an extremely powerful and versatile card, strong with or without dark infusion. If playing in a two-character party, players may wish to use Black Boon on Sap Warmth. Altogether these Void Warden cards should help any dark haven beginning in their quest against the Gloom.

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Gloomhaven: the lion’s mouth is now available for PC.

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