Kirishima becomes Yaeka’s model


The Yakuza’s Guide to Childcare is a charming new comedy series in the summer 2022 anime season, featuring kind-hearted mobster Kirishima Toru and his charge, young Sakuragi Yaeka. To help teach Toru some humility and responsibility, the Sakuragi family boss demands that Toru take care of Yaeka as an official babysitter.

This simple and sound premise is what launched The Yakuza’s Guide to Childcare, and most importantly, the boss’ plan pays off hugely, even in the space of just two episodes. Already, Yaeka and Toru trust and understand each other, and Yaeka sees Toru as a role model. It can go very well or very badly.

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Is Toru the wrong stepfather for Yaeka?

So far in The Yakuza’s Guide to Childcare, Kirishima Toru was a man of two worlds. On the one hand, he is enthusiastic about his work as a violent gangster for the Sakuragi family, and he takes great pleasure in kicking punks in the streets. He strongly identifies with it, and in episode 2 he even beat up a copycat, to the point that his partner Kei fears that Toru will go too far and kill the troublesome copycat. In the first episode, Toru went wild with his mission for the mob, acting like a bloodthirsty cannon, which worried both Kei and the boss.

Also, even though Toru is now Yaeka’s babysitter, he shows no signs of letting go of his gangster ways. It can be compared to the domestic Tatsu of The Way of the Husband at Home, except Toru is still active in the crowd and sees no need to hold back. He has his wholesome side, but he’s not completely redeemed like Tatsu.

In Episode 2, meanwhile, Yaeka explained to Toru that she recognized him as a really good and kind person who was worth emulating, meaning she saw him as a role model. Yaeka isn’t totally wrong in thinking this, given how serious Toru is about his babysitting job and his bona fide fatherly affection for Yaeka. However, even so, Toru knows that if they become best friends, it will become a two-way street where they will also influence each other, and that could be a problem.

Given Toru’s vested interest in Yaeka, he must be deeply worried that Yaeka would see or even imitate her worst side, and the boss would be very upset about this as well. If Yaeka gets to know Toru, she’ll get the whole package, not just the wholesome side. Maybe a small part of Toru wants to break away from Yaeka before any harm can be done and make sure he doesn’t corrupt her spirit or ruin her perfect image of him. He doesn’t want Yaeka to see his monster side.

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How Kirishima Toru can solve this problem with Yaeka

No one could blame Toru for being cautious about Yaeka seeing her “demon” side. Already, Toru feels vulnerable and underqualified as Yaeka’s babysitter, and if Yaeka cried upon seeing Toru’s worst side, the surprisingly sensitive Toru would be devastated – and most likely, the boss would make Toru pay dearly for it. having upset his beloved daughter. However, at the same time, the boss is unlikely to release Toru as Yaeka’s babysitter, as this whole situation was the boss’s idea and there is vested interest. There must be another solution.

Considering the events of Episodes 1 and 2, Toru is doing an amazing job of separating his babysitter and mobster life, and he just might have to keep doing what he does. For the sake of comedy, there might be some close calls where Yaeka almost falls for Toru’s gangster side, but even if Yaeka sees something she’s not supposed to see, Toru will likely improvise an explanation and shield the innocence. by Yaeka. He might even cut back on his badass antics in favor of his babysitting life, which actually seems plausible. Toru loves banging heads, but he also identifies a lot with his new role as best dad, and his priorities are already changing. This should work in his favor and in favor of Yaeka.

Finally, it’s possible that even if Yaeka really sees Toru’s gangster side for what it is, Toru could save the day and learn a lesson from it. Toru might confess “yes, that’s the demon that I am”, but repackage it as something constructive instead of scary. Toru could use this as an example of the lifestyle he’s trying to let go of and make himself likable as a man trying to be a much better person for Yaeka’s sake. If that happens, and if Toru plays his cards right, little Yaeka will appreciate the lesson for what it is. Even though Toru is a demon, he tries to improve himself, and that’s the part Yaeka will care about the most. This is Toru’s future, not his past. And besides, Yaeka is the daughter of a mafia boss – surely the mafia lifestyle will not come as this a big shock for her.


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