Legend (and Master) The Quarry Lost Sector Guide


The Quarry is a great Lost Sector in single-player Destiny 2 on Legend and Master difficulty. The activity is rather short and located on the EDZ.

The Quarry is one of the fastest Lost Sectors to complete in Destiny 2 on Legend and Master difficulty. The activity is located on the EDZ and contains many Cabal enemies. Lost Sectors on this planet are incredibly short, making them ideal for farming Exotic armor. The quarry is in the Sunken Islands region of the map and is close to the region’s landing zone.

Unprepared Guardians can be overwhelmed by the relentless Cabal inside this Lost Sector. Unstoppable champions can deal damage quickly and pose a major threat. In Season 17, players must bring a scout rifle into Destiny 2 to stun those powerful enemies from afar. The Skyburner’s Oath Exotic Scout Rifle is a great option, as it will deal extra damage to Cabal and shoot through Phalanx shields. Unfortunately, this weapon cannot take advantage of the Lost Sector’s Void Burn, which increases all Void damage dealt and received by 50%. Guardians are advised to bring a powerful heavy void weapon, such as a rocket launcher. The quarry also contains a few barrier champions and can often distract from more mobile enemies. Use a Pulse Rifle with Anit-Barrier shells to stun them, creating an opportunity to clear the room.


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The Legend version of the Lost Sector has the Scorched Earth modifier. This greatly increases the frequency at which enemies throw grenades. Moving tactically throughout the activity will minimize the danger it poses to Guardians in Destiny 2. The main difficulty adds the Chaff modifier, disabling the radar during all activity. This is one of the less debilitating effects, simply requiring players to be more aware of their surroundings. Once fully prepared, Guardians will be able to face any threat in The Quarry

Destiny 2 Quarry Lost Sector (Solo Legend & Master)

Destiny 2 The Legend of the Quarry Lost Sector

Upon first entering the Lost Sector, players will immediately be confronted by an unstoppable champion. There will also be a few Legionnaires and Psions to worry about. Going further, there is a second unstoppable champion and a barrier champion. Firing a well-timed rocket from an empty rocket launcher at a stunned target will take them out with relative ease. The Lost Sector will be littered with explosive barrels, which help take out weaker enemies. The third room has a few more champions that need to be eliminated, before fighting the boss in Destiny 2. The final area has multiple enemies and can be overwhelming at first. Immediately after entering, Guardians should see two Barrier Champions appear near the barrel on the cliff. The boss spawns on the right, along with an unstoppable champion. More spawns at specific health increments and tend to pose more of a threat than the actual boss. Once defeated, Guardians can loot the Lost Sector chest.

The quarry has a lot of tough enemies to worry about in the activity. However, they are fairly easy to take down, as long as the Guardians know where they spawn. As long as champions are consistently stunned, players can clear the Lost Sector without much difficulty, potentially earning exclusive Exotic armor.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Google Stadia.

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