Local mum helps children guide their future through ‘Shamrck’


Sheffie Robinson wanted to help children plan for their future, and she provides advice through a website called “Shamrck”, which is pronounced “cloverleaf”.

“No ‘o’. It was stolen by a leprechaun and he won’t give it back,” she joked.

Shamrck is a workforce development platform designed to help middle and high school students explore potential career paths and train in those paths. Older students are connected to internship opportunities with local companies.

The Army wife said she and her son were misguided in their own professional interests.

“It got me really thinking about how we socialize kids through the career development process and what education can do to make sure they succeed, and I saw at how hard it is for education to do that because industries are moving so much faster,” Robinson said. “A lot of students just don’t see the value of high school these days, let alone college. ‘university. So if we can somehow correlate their future with where they are in their educational journey, we are making better students. They come on the platform, they take what we call a spaced assessment, which gives them a series of questions about things that interest them.”

Shamrck strives to match students to their ideal career by focusing on four “E’s”.

“To be registered, if they then go to university. Enlistment, if they’re considering the military. Robinson.

It’s a free resource that gives students choices.

“For any child who is just trying to navigate what the future looks like. It’s like here, let us help you. Let us provide you with a wealth of information. Let us connect you with people in your community that could be key in helping you make those decisions so you can make the best decision and the right decision the first time,” Robinson said.

For more information on Shamrck, visit https://shamrck.com/


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