Lost Ark Gold and Silver Farming Guide


If you want to learn how to farm gold and silver quickly in Lost Ark, we have prepared this guide in which we will show you the fastest and most efficient ways to farm gold and silver in the game.

Importance of Gold and Silver in Lost Ark

There are many currencies in Lost Ark; Arguably, the two most important currencies in the game are gold and silver.

These two currencies are so important because you simply cannot progress through the game without using them.

If you want to buy consumables and equipment or upgrade your weapons, tools and armor, you must use gold. And if you want to buy items from NPCs and improve your character, you will have to store a lot of money.

Once you reach end-game content in Lost Ark, you will constantly burn through your gold and silver reserves. Therefore, you will need to find ways to mine gold and silver quickly and efficiently.

To help you out, we’ve listed the best tips you need to know to mine gold and silver fast in Lost Ark below.

How to Farm Gold in Lost Ark

There are many different methods to farm gold in Lost Ark, but some of these methods are far superior to the others. Below we have listed the best ways to farm gold.

Collect Una’s Tokens

One of the best ways to farm gold is by completing Una’s tasks. These tasks are unlocked once you reach level 50. Some of these tasks reset daily, while others reset once a week.

Each task rewards players with valuable loot, including currencies such as gold. But the reward you seek is Una Tokens.

You can do three daily tasks and three weekly tasks per week. Each daily task will earn you two points, while each weekly task will earn you twelve points. You can exchange these points for Una Tokens.

These Una Tokens can then be taken to a Gold Shop, which is present in all major cities of Lost Ark. The first Gold Shop is unlocked in East Luterra at Luterra Castle. You can exchange your Una Tokens in this gold shop to get large amounts of gold.

Bond with NPCs

There are over 70 NPCs in Lost Ark that you can build a relationship with. Once your relationship with an NPC reaches a high level of trust, they will reward you for being such good friends with them.

The NPCs (available before level 50) that give gold as a reward to the player are listed below.

  • Avele (1,400 gold coins): It is located in Vern Castle.
  • Ealyn (1,000 gold coins): It is located in Vern Castle.
  • Mercenary Zeria (200 gold): It can be found in Stern’s Origin.
  • Neria (600 gold coins): It is located at the port of Wave Beach in East Luterra.
  • Sasha (3,500 gold): It can be found in Stern’s Origin.
  • Thirain, the King of Luterra (500 gold coins): It is in Luterra Castle.

Do the Island of Adventure

Adventure Island is an activity that takes place once a week and twice a day during the weekend. When you participate in this activity, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the three islands of adventure.

Each of the three Adventure Islands rewards you with gold, so you can visit any island you choose. You will earn around 200-800 gold each day on these islands, so make sure to do this daily.

If you have multiple characters, you can collect thousands of gold from Adventure Island every day.

Complete Guardian Raids and Dungeons

Guardian raids are another great way to farm gold in Lost Ark. When you complete a Guardian Raid, any rewards you get from it can be sold, traded, or gifted.

This means you can trade/sell all of your Guardian Raids items to get gold. Guardian Raids can only be done twice per day, but you can use multiple characters to do them multiple times per day.

The best dungeons for farming gold are Chaos and Abyssal Dungeons. In the Chaos Dungeon, defeat the second boss and go through the golden portal to be rewarded with gold.

As for the Abyssal Dungeons, you’ll need to complete the entire dungeon to get gold, but it shouldn’t take long.

The amount of gold you get from these dungeons depends on the difficulty of the dungeon and your gear score. The higher it is, the more gold you will get.

Selling Items at the Auction House

The Auction House, which you unlock once you reach level 30, is an amazing way to collect gold. In this place you can auction all kinds of items to get large amounts of gold in return.

You can start by selling items you don’t need. This can include collectibles, raw materials, printmaking books, trading cards, etc.

Once you run out of items to sell, you can start gathering items to sell at the Auction House. The best items for this purpose are Raw Materials, Adventurer Collectibles, and Engraving Books.

To farm engraving books, you need to collect cubes. Cubes are a great way to farm Legendary Engraving Books, which you can sell for insane amounts of gold.

Find masterpieces

There are many collectibles that you can find and exchange for gold in Lost Ark. Of these collectibles, the ones that fetch the most gold are Masterpieces.

Masterpieces can be obtained by completing quests and completing Adventure Tomes. There are 38 masterpieces in the game that you can give to Alfonso at Sunflower Island to get gold.

All 38 masterpieces will net you a total of 29,000 gold. Note that you will first need to collect 20 for Alfonso before you can start getting gold from him.

Complete Boss Rushes

When you complete a Boss Rush in Lost Ark, you’ll be rewarded with a bunch of gems. You can sell these gems in the market to get large amounts of gold. The best thing about these gems is that they sell instantly in the market, so you won’t have to wait to get your gold.

How to Farm Money in Lost Ark

Just like gold, there are many ways to farm silver in Lost Ark. The fastest and most efficient ways to farm money in Lost Ark are listed below.

Complete Una’s Tasks

Una’s tasks are easily the fastest way to get money in Lost Ark. There are many different Una tasks that reward you with money, but the ones you need to complete are:

  • Special Delivery: Shushire
  • Special Delivery: Arthetine
  • Special Delivery: Vern

These tasks will net you around 17,000 silver, but the number varies depending on the level of your items. We choose these three tasks because they all take place on Lopang Island and can be completed within seconds of each other. if you have prepared in advance.

The objective of these tasks is to operate the three expedition management consoles on the east side of Lopang Island (one for each task), then travel to three different locations to complete the task.

If you want to complete these three tasks in a few minutes, you will need to configure 4 Bifrosts. The first Bifrost will be for Lopang Island, the second for Shushire – Frozen Sea, the third for Arthetine – Arid Path, and the fourth for North Vern – Port Krona.

These Bifrosts will allow you to instantly travel to required locations for tasks. After traveling to the location, simply talk to the NPCs there to complete the task.

If you have alternative accounts, you can mine up to hundreds of thousands of money daily by performing these three tasks.

Complete the quests

Almost all regular missions and side quests in Lost Ark reward the player with money. So if you want to mine tons of cash, make sure to complete these side missions and quests whenever you can.

Guild Currency Exchange

When you complete guild quests, you will be rewarded with Bloodstones of Sylmael; another form of currency. You can trade one of them for 2,500 silver coins. However, note that only six stones can be traded per week.

Complete Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons rewards players with gold. They also grant you large amounts of money. So naturally, you will be able to mine both of these currencies from Chaos Dungeons.

Bond with NPCs

As mentioned earlier, there are over 70 NPCs in the game that you can build a relationship with. When your relationship reaches a high level of trust, the NPC offers you a reward, often cash.

Complete Adventure Island Special Events

On Adventure Island, there are special events that you can complete to be rewarded with money. These events are pretty easy to do and don’t take too long, so be sure to complete them whenever you’re on the island.


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