Lost Ark Island guide for each type and the best islands to start with


There are many Lost Ark islands. Islands full of loot and islands with adorable pandas. But with almost a hundred islands in total, starting your adventures on Lost Ark Island can be a bit overwhelming. Which to visit first? And once there, what do you do?

To help you master island hopping, here’s everything you need to know about the best Lost Ark, Island Souls, and Adventure Islands.

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What are the Lost Ark Islands?

Islands of the Lost Ark

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After completing the main questline on the first continent of Lost Ark, you receive a ship. From then on, you are free to roam the seas as you see fit. However, before enthusiastically setting sail for the nearest island, it is advisable to first do the blue world quest on Tortoyk (northeast of Luterra). This will help you reach item level 250, which is the recommended item level for the first Lost Ark islands.

Once you’re ready, hover over the islands on the map to see the recommended item level, number of Mokoko Seeds, combat type (PvE or PvP), and whether or not you’ve acquired the Soul of the Island. ‘Isle. Additionally, you will see the admission time to the island. Based on this, we can roughly divide the Lost Ark Islands into four types:

  • Permanent PvE islands. The most common type; visit them whenever you feel like it.
  • Time-limited islands. You can only access these islands at specific times. Hover over the island name to see the schedule.
  • PvP islands. They are permanently available or timed, but there are always PvP fights on these islands. Recognize them by their crossed swords icon on the map.
  • Adventure Islands. Special co-op events that only appear a few times a day.

Activities on the Isle of the Lost Ark

Islands of the Lost Ark

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So you have arrived on your first small island. And now? Although each Lost Ark island is unique, they are generally open to one or more of the following activities:

  • Complete quests. Sometimes it’s an obvious exclamation mark on the map, but quests can also be hidden.
  • Visit merchants and NPCs. Many islands are home to merchants and NPCs. These come with their own unique rewards, so don’t leave until you’ve had a look.
  • Collect the Mokoko Seeds. Yes, you will also find the little buggers on the Lost Ark islands. Since the maps are small, there are usually between two and five seeds per island.
  • Participate in PvP battles. As mentioned, some islands are open to PvP.
  • Collect the soul of the island. This is the reward you get for “complete” an island. Sometimes that means increasing rapport with a local NPC, other times you need to complete a questline or complete a PvP challenge.

Ark Island Lost Souls

Islands of the Lost Ark

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Island Souls (also known as Island Tokens) is the main reward for completing an island challenge. You can learn more about the nature of these challenges by talking to Opher, who can be found on The Lonely Island northwest of Pleccia (right side of the map). After opening the dialog window, find the category (such as “Chest”, “Adventure Quest”, or “Report”) by hovering over the list with Island Souls.

Opher is also the NPC to talk to if you want to trade your island souls for rewards. First sacrifice the souls of the island at the statue on the beach (a little further east) then talk to Opher to get the following items:

  • Emotes
  • Stat and Skill Boost Potions
  • Collectible masterpieces
  • Legendary Fortress Items
  • Compass and Compass Upgrades
  • Secret Maps
  • Turtle Mount and Turtle Boat Skin

Lost Ark Islands of Adventure

Islands of the Lost Ark

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Adventure Islands is a daily endgame activity. To find one, open Procyon’s compass and click on the “appearance notification information” button. You will see when and where the next Adventure Islands will appear. You can also see the recommended item level and expected rewards.

Sail to Adventure Island and wait for access. You can’t see the island yet, but you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a maelstrom with a bunch of other boats clustered together. Once Adventure Island appears, right-click to enter. The cooperative quest starts automatically. Just follow the objective and don’t be afraid to ask for help in chat if the quest is unclear.

The Best Lost Ark Islands: Start Itinerary

Islands of the Lost Ark

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We recommend that you eventually visit every island in Lost Ark, but you might want to start with the easiest and most rewarding ones. The islands on this list are either easy to complete, very rewarding, full of pandas and turtles, or part of larger larger questlines.

  • The isolated island. We’ve mentioned it a few times already, but to keep this list complete, be sure to visit Opher on The Lonely Island. You’ll be able to trade in your Island Souls for awesome turtle skins and more. You will also get a free Island Soul just by talking to Opher.
  • The island of golden waves. It’s an island full of loot chests. Stop by if you want a lot of stuff (Pirate Coins, Map Packs, Green Engravings) for very little effort.
  • Panda Island. Don’t pass this island if you like pandas. Other than that, there is a relatively short yellow and purple questline that rewards you with plenty of silver, weapon and armor crystals, harmony shards, and harmony jump stones.
  • Turtle Island. Completing the entire questline not only rewards you with the Island Soul and the precious Jewel Coral, but also a Turtle Mount. You can even choose its color.
  • Island of Serenity. Within minutes, you’ll get a nice stack of weapon and armor crystals. In addition to this, you will get a skill potion by doing the Stone of Power quest, which requires re-running the Morai Ruins and Tortoyk’s Heart dungeons.
  • Peyto, Glacier Island, Lullaby Island and Dreamgull Island. Although it’s technically a boat, visit Peyto and do the island quests. Be sure to complete the yellow quest which rewards an emote and also get the Igran Treasure Hunter Resonance Song (you’ll need it for the other islands). Then, depart for Glacier Island and continue the quest chain. After that, go to Lullaby Island, do the quests again and get the forest minuet song. Use the latter to complete Dreamgull Island. This is all going to take a while, but you’ll end up with four island souls and loads of upgrade materials.

Have fun on your island hopping adventure in Lost Ark!


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