Marvel Snap The Infinaut Bridge Guide | 2 Best Infinaut Decks in Marvel Snap


marvel snap is an online card game featuring many powerful heroes and villains capable of turning the tide of the power struggle in the three locations on the board. One of the most powerful cards currently available in marvel snap is the Infinaut.

It is common to assemble decks around these powerful cards to plan combos or games in which their power is used to the maximum and the player manages to accumulate more cubes with wins.

The Infinite in marvel snap

Image via Marvel Snap

The Infinaut is a six-cost card with a huge power of 20, but its effect says “If you played a card last turn, you can’t play this one.” It is available from pool two and planning is required to use it successfully.

Its power is great enough to be worth wasting and using in various situations. But to use the full potential of the Infinaut, it is necessary to look for ways to reduce its disadvantages.

Infinaut’s general strategy in marvel snap

The Infinaute usually requires you to skip the fifth round to play it. In any case where this happens, it is necessary to have early game strategies to win one slot while using L’Infinaute to win the second and guarantee victory.

One of the most important cards is Sunspot. Its effect – “At the end of each turn, gain +1 power for each unspent energy” – has great synergy with the Infinaute as skipping the fifth turn grants Sunspot five more powers, making it easier to control Sunspot. a location at the start. turns.

Combos with L’Infinaute in marvel snap

Of the ways to secure locations in the early rounds, perhaps the best is to play Storm, followed by Jessica Jones in a location where Sunspot is already. This combo will score a lot of points and only move decks can deal with it easily, so stay alert.

Professor X can also be used as a way to lock down a spot where he can win. Using cards like Electro gives you an advantage by being able to play Professor X a turn earlier when there are fewer cards on the board.

One of the best combos for playing The Infinaut without activating its debuff is Jubilee’s effect, “On Reveal: Play a card from your deck at this location.” This is only possible if The Infinaute has not yet been drawn. Having Odin in your deck can give you a second chance to bring out Infinaut once Jubilee’s effect is activated on reveal, but you can only play those two cards in that slot, otherwise the effect from Jubilee will not reset. Also remember to take a Snap before activating its effect, if you don’t want your opponent to back down after seeing L’Infinaute enter the field for free.

Another possibility is to use the effect of cards like Ghost Rider or Hela to bring discarded cards back into the field. The most consistent way to do this is to use Lady Sif to discard the most expensive card from your hand when you have The Infinaut. Then play Ghost Rider where you want the Infinaut to go.

It is important that for this to work no other cards have been discarded.


The Infinaut Two Control Pool

Screenshot via Marvel Snap Zone

The two pool cards in this deck are Iceman, Sunspot, Scorpion, Storm, and The Infinaut.

This version of the Infinaut deck has control cards to help play it strategically on the last turn. The main victory conditions are Sunspot + Storm + Jessica Jones and The Infinaut itself.

Iceman and Scorpion are the two disruptive cards to disrupt and slow down your opponent’s strategies. Iceman will be played in the first round whenever Sunspot is unavailable and Scorpion in the second round can significantly reduce the power of cards in the opponent’s hand.

Nightcrawler can be used to move to places where maps cannot be played. Similarly, Mister Fantastic is used to add power to these slots.

Uatu may seem like one of the worst cards in marvel snap, but it has an important function in this deck: to provide information to the player. Being able to plan in advance which slots you’re going to engage in can mean victory, especially when your opponent doesn’t want to risk playing a card in the wrong slot.

Angela is a plan B to secure a location in case Storm + Jessica Jones are unavailable. While Armor is mainly there to protect Sunspot from enemy Killmongers.

The Infinaut Discard swimming pool three

Screenshot via Marvel Snap Zone

The three pool cards in this deck are Electro, Wave, Ghost Rider, Doctor Doom, and Giganto.

This deck version of The Infinaut has some tools to play it before turn six until Jubilee, if it’s in the deck, or Lady Sif and Ghost Rider if it’s in the hand.

The other strategy present in the deck is to simply play the heaviest cards possible through the effects of Wave and Electro to reduce card cost or gain more energy next turn, respectively.

Professor X can secure a location if played into a location where the enemy loses and has not played a card.

America Chavez brings more consistency to the game, as having The Infinaut in your hand is great if you have access to his discard combo.

Final Words on Infinaut Decks in marvel snap

The Infinaute is a powerful card, but its strategy can be easily predicted by experienced players since it must skip a turn to play it. For this reason, strategies that seek to get it from the deck or discard it are more unpredictable, however, if successful, the chances of the opponent backing down are high.

The two decks presented here can lead you to marvel snap Infinite rank. After learning the strategies, the focus should be on when to use Snap and when to back out.


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