Midnight Fight Express: People Person Trophy Guide


Midnight Fight Express has plenty of side content and objectives for players to engage in. Between completing optional challenges and mastering combat, there’s plenty to do in the game. A side activity allows players to find NPCs to talk to throughout the game’s 40 different levels. There are 32 conversations different characters the player can have, and if they do, they will unlock the “People Person” trophy.

While finding all 32 different NPCs to talk to might seem like a tall order, the game makes things a bit easier for players by showing them which levels have conversations and which the player has unlocked. This is done in the “Levels” tab of the Hideout menu.

On the image associated with each level, you will see one of three things: an image of a man with a hat and glasses drawn in white, the same image drawn in black, or no image. If it’s white, it means you’ve had your conversation for the level, if it’s black/grey, it means there’s an NPC to talk to that you haven’t found, and if it’s there is no picture, it means there is no NPC in this level.

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress, check back later for more NPC chat locations.

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Subway station

Although there are plenty of NPCs hanging around the train platform when you start the level, the NPC you can talk to is found after the first combat encounter. After taking care of the enemies on the second train platform, head up the stairs and the NPC is leaning on the catwalk to the right of the top of the stairs.

rest room

This is a short level, so you might miss the NPC if you don’t have your eyes open. They can be found in the northeast corner of the room, hidden in a stall. You will have to eliminate all the enemies in the section before talking to them.

Abandoned subway

The NPC is right at the start of the level. They are located to the left of the door through which you enter. They are looking at an ATM.

railway tunnel

After eliminating all enemies in the level, return to where you entered. You will find an NPC working on a circuit box on the stage above you.


This NPC can also be found at the start of the level. Instead of going through the door at the north end of the room, go back to the central part of the room and you will find a guard who will talk to you.


You will need to look above you to find the NPC in the shipyard in Midnight Fight Express. Halfway through the level, you’ll end up going through a shipping container to continue. Look above the container you need to go through and you’ll find an NPC sitting on a chair.

SS Mugler

Follow the main level path until you go up some stairs to get to the ship’s deck. After climbing two flights of stairs, follow the bridge around the southwest corner instead of climbing all the way to the top. You will eventually be stopped by a pile of boxes, but on the other side of the boxes is the level NPC.

Oil rig

Play through the level until you fight the enemies in diving suits. Fight your way through this encounter, but before you continue, go back to where you started the encounter and you’ll find an NPC leaning out of a window you can talk to.

Civil Evacuation Center

Play through the level until you are forced to pass through a building which contains two chairs. Instead of going north as the critical path dictates, exit through the east door and you’ll find a fisherman you can talk to.


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